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    What’s going to happen with you 50 years into the future?……Syed Qasim Shah


    It feels like the world is moving at a faster rate than ever. Every day smart phones are getting smart, AI is becoming more intelligent and our environment seems to be getting worse every year. If you were to travel 50 year into the future, what would be the world look like?  It feels like the world is moving at afaster. Every day, smartphones are getting smarter, would

    would we still be living on earth?

    would alien life finally be discovered?

    And here’s what would happen if you lived 50 years into the future. Look down at your and phone think how far technology has come in the last 10 years. Have you ever imagined what technology might look like in 50 years? What about your family and friends? What’ll happen to them? In 50-year, time we may look back and laugh at how we had to hold our phones.How primitive! Instead, our smartphones will either be worn, or implanted in us through contact lenses. imagine being able to have your GPS embedded in our vision, instead of having to look down at your phone.

    But, although this all sound nice, there will be problems too. If you don’t want to fast-forward yourself into the future. Because you’re worried that your family might not be around, well you can rest easy, knowing that in 50 years, the average life expectancy will be about that over 10 year longer than what it is today. Since the 1960s our population percentages have always looked like a pyramid. But 50 years in the future that pyramid will look like a rectangle.This means that there will be an equal percentage of senior citizens toddlers. This will have a huge effect on the economy. Grandma and grandpa will be retiring much later, and when they do, those seniors’ homes are going to be packed. With more people in the work force, jobs will be harder to find. Just graduated school? Expect to live at home with mom and dad a big longer.

    Especially since AI is expected to be working over 800 million of our former’s jobs by 2030. Earth population will be too much high. More population means more problem. There will be a much higher probability of food storages as we try to grow crops to feed everyone.  Crop will be harder to grow as well, with increasing temperatures. And with 70% of the world’s population living in cities, crowding will lead to more diseases being spread, and faster.

    Although the world may be dying, it’s not the only place humans will have to live. In the next 50 years, human will have begun colonizing mars.

    What’s going to happen with you 50 years into the future?

    Well first off, you would not have to go to the doctor for your annual checkup.You will have a device where you can scan yourself for any diseases. Watch for body modifications to rise in popularity.You will be able to get things like cybernetic eyes that will allow you to see better, and to see things that are invisible to us today like radiation. Artificial intelligence will be as smart as humans. Artificial intelligence will constantly be progressing in intelligence, soon being smarter than humans could ever imagine Every idea in the universe have gone through a computer simulation.




    Syed Qasim Shah
    M phil. Student
    University of Peshawar computer science department


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