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    The writer is a researcher and critic, has an interest in the history and culture of Chitral.

    Wamized-A place of calmness and pristine lifestyle

    The first village in union council (UC) Terich in district Upper Chitral, Wamizhed is located almost 7000 meters above sea level. It appears unique by its pristine lifestyle, mores...

    Events To Celebrate

    What nature has endowed with and man taps its human wants of them. This article intends to focus on the events being celebrated in Chitral, and to bottom up...

    Enjoyment with care

    Enjoyment with care Chitral is blessed with nature’s benefactions. Every season is replete with the picturesque beauty. We as consumers, more often than not, proved to be least careful about...

    In Memory of Rahmat Noor Hussain

    In Memory of Rahmat Noor Hussain For the people who served along him in Chitral Scouts as seniors and juniors, he was a Subidar par excellence even after his retirement....

    What to revive?

    What to revive? The economy of Chitral hinges on mixed prospects, opportunities and potential to cash on for sustainable development. Pin tourism on natural landscape and rely on few festivities...

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