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    We Are A Peaceful Nation (Our Ambition is Peace)………….By:  Aamer Zeb Sultan

    Pakistan is a peaceful country but unfortunately it has always been blamed to support terrorism and spread hatred in the World thus victimized by the Globe.

    Many tragic events have led towards such an image of Pakistan destabilizing the beautiful nation and as a responsible citizen of this beautiful homeland we must be worried because the World is fallacious regarding Pakistan. They are showing a flawed image of Pakistan and it is totally unendurable. To reveal the true face of Pakistan as a peaceful nation we must take the initial step by depicting the reality through Articles, Calligraphies and sketches etc.

    For the triumphant of this campaign, the citizens and especially new generation must provide with their precious time and efforts to manifest the reality of the Peaceful Nation to the World. We must be delighted to recall our role models like Malala Yousafzai, Arifa Karim, Babar Iqbal and many others who played crucial roles enlightening the true face of Pakistan to the whole World. In the near future if more of such faces arouse then it will be possible to bring the revolutionary change which the country is dreaming of.

    In the eyes of the World Pakistan is the homeland for the terrorists, hence many tourists feel insecure to visit Pakistan and thus we are deprived form the tourism industry in spite of having paradise places. We can’t tolerate this misrepresentation of our beautiful Nation by the World. The reality is that we inhabit pacifist people. We believe in the basic principles of humanity like brotherhood, equality, peace and harmony. We knew to love others and give then the due respect. We have soft hearts with doors always open for our guests. We aren’t those who spread hatred or those who offend others. We only know to enjoy the blessings bestowed to us and to share our happiness with our brothers and sisters throughout the globe. We are blessed with rich culture, beautiful places and historical monuments which we proudly highlight in front of the World and we greatly welcome the tourists to visit our country and wash away all the mendacious images of the Country by its pure water of love, peace and harmony.

    Chitral is one of the most beautiful and peaceful city of Pakistan significantly popular for its rich culture and attractive historical places. Among many, Shandur has always been the center of attraction because of its beauty, high altitude and the polo festival. It is often called the Roof of the World because it is situated at an altitude of 3,700 m. Shandur is blessed with great natural beauty in form of lakes, greenery, pounds etc. The highest lake of the World is located here known as Shandur Lake. There is also a fishing spot in the region of Langar which is greatly preferred by the tourists.

    The highest polo ground is also situated here where a polo festival is organized once in a year. It is scheduled from 7th to 9th June during which five matches are played between the teams of Gilgit and Chitral. One unique fact about the polo match is that it is a free style match which means there isn’t any kind of rules for playing the match. On 9th of July the final match is played between Chitral A and Gilgit A Teams.

    On last day of the festival different performances are presented by the local people illuminating their rich culture in front of the audience. Furthermore the well trained paragliders of Pak Army bemuses the audience with their stunning free fall from the height of 10,000 feet.

    This marvelous festival ends with the distribution of Prizes and celebration of the Team Players dancing on the traditional Music of Chitral. The peaceful festival gives the message of peace and harmony to the whole World and the tourists depart towards their home countries with great adventures and thrilling stories about the culture, beauty, polo match and the hospitality of the local people.

    We as the youth of Pakistan cordially request all the people of the Globe having negative mentality about our peaceful nation to visit our country and participate in such events so that you could reveal our factual face of peace, harmony, brotherhood, love and hospitality through your presence.


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