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    Rational Debate May Delineate New Directions……Shafiq Ahmad


    The consideration of jewel in one’s crown of the government on governance, has downplayed the intellectual thrust to set right course of action. The adroitness of any leader exposes in the amid of cumbersome state of affairs. Indeed, the outbreak of the pandemic is a test case for the statesman. Unfortunately, I mean our statesman remained fallen short in front of this outbreak.


    However, this global pandemic has catastrophic ramifications worldly. Unluckily, it caused a bolt from the blue, for the already sputtering economy of Pakistan’s. Yet, depriving million out of jobs, and livelihood. This further breached the frustration of the dismal picture of abysmal of poverty, and caused ineptness on states holder, to act on alleviation of social evil within s society.


    Moreover, it was inevitable because we could not empowered the efficient tool of governance, especially the power of LG’s(local government system).This gross root level set up ,worldly practices to cope foreseeable disasters and challenges. Unfortunately, the local bodies in Pakistan have frozen, and remained disconnected from its citizens effecting governance approach of top-down, shortsighted and authoritative. The UNDP ,(United Nation Development Program) depicted the recent report on Covid-19, Pakistan socio-economic impact Assessment and Response plan; the UNDP notes that the governance style has breached the social contract of the citizen- state relation and caused marginalization’s by exacerbating the people grievances and social resilience in the country. This lack of direction and trust deficit on the social contract on national level dillusioned the general people causing catastrophic ambience.


    Nonetheless, the solidification of local level coordination, and empowerment through LG’s of the masses will harvest new lease of life, for unforeseen ambience in the country.


    Likewise, it is the well-known practices for governance and administration in Canada, England, and France.It’s important to ease the vulnerabilities by means of participatory venture on nation issues.


    Conversely, if we can’t heal the miseries of the common people, albeit of pandemic then we will be bear the brunt of disastrous consequences. This will breach the proximity of subject to the state and augurs political instability.


    So in general, in this chaotic state of affairs, their needs crucial national discourse tohalt the spread of corona. Unluckily, is it necessary to have just political witch- hunt of each other in this challenging time? Yet, it is time to learn from our blunders and as a reactant we together set right course of national action to project the national interest. It is the pressing need of the state affairs to emulate the article of 140-A of our constitution, which aim to empower and devolve the political administration and financial power to the elected LG’S.


    Shafiq Ahmad

    Writer is a member of student at GCU, Lahore


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