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    Khowar Lyrical song:“TorkhowBagh-e-Bustan”

    Poet: Sher Nawaz Khan,Mehlp, Torkhow


    Translator: Zahid Ali Nizari

    Lecturer in English at Aga Khan Higher Secondary School KuraghDate: 27-3-2018

    1. I wish it would have rained over the arid wheat field. My heart would have undergone juvenescence if my Beloved had smiled.
    2. O my Mirza-e-Alam (unique personality of the world), thou hast really become a Mirza, Thou hast put a dagger (filled with potion of love) into my heart.
    3. Turned to Blue Pigeon, I will hover over Beloved’s home. Put a gold embroidered cap on silky hair.
    4. It is easy for me to tell your door from the neighboring doors: the latch is copper made. The Malang is eager to see you.
    5. Torkhow is a garden filled with perfume (of colorful blossoms); Istaru is its Shahr-e-sham. O my soul, I wish that I may not see myself parted from you.
    6. There is a high Nakh (a plank- made bed) in front of your house, with a willow tree over it. May Allah grant you to me while you are still beautiful.
    7. I shall circumambulate your village; your village is a shrine (sacred place) to me. Illuminate my way, o my Ruby and Jewel.
    8. If I were a Qalamdar (qalunder/ amulet-maker/mystic), I would walk in the homeland and help the aims and wishes of the lovers and beloveds come tru(with my blessings and prayers).
    9. O my Mirza-e-Ala! Neither the native damsels nor as many as a hundred celestial women of the paradise (possess beauty) as valuable asthat of) your (small) finger. (A single finger of yours outshines/surpasses their beauty).

    10. The battlefield of the army of my love hasbecome empty. My sweetheart having left, the homeland (of my heart) has become empty.

    11. Arise, o my soul! The sky has turned to Helu (become bright and clear blue). Come and warble to me for (it soothes the heart to hear your sweet voice) early in the morning.

    12. O my Mirza-e-Alam!My soul!Don’t weep. Cast not on the enemy the amorous eye which you have ever cast on me.

    Note:Helu’ is Khowar name ofacid whey ____ the greenish liquid left after cheese is made from milk.



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