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    Isolationism…………By Mahnoor


    Isolationism is a political terminology used for political isolation of a country; when a state or a country does not become part of an international alliance for the protection of its personal interest related to political, economy and other important sphere such as sovereignty of astate. Many countries including USA have adapted such policy or doctrine to protect their personal safeties from time to time.

    It would be surprised for most readers that why I want to educate the people of Chitral on the policy of Isolationism? Because, we have been trapped into thedilemma of Isolationism from a decade, or, in common language, one can say that we have become a politically Orphan District. I am surprised that why do not our think tankscreate awareness among people about this, and why they just ignore the menace of political isolation? I am not against any political parties or any individuals. All political workers and parties are very respectful for me. However, I want to highlight, the dilemma of our district to not become part of the main sphere of the country’s politics. Those who keep political sense are well aware about the negative consequences to be isolated in national or provincial forums.

    From decade, across the country or province nation voted to one party, and we the people of Chitral knowing or without knowing casted our votes opposite to the nation or province, and we elected other. I don’t want to go in details; we elected APML in 2013, when the nation elected PMLN and PTI. Again, in 2018general election nation elected PTI, and Chitral picked the MMA, doing again the same mistake. You know or not, by doing this, we isolate our district from the political affairs of the nation by declining to enter into main national sphere of politics. The result will be; we as nation (Chitrali) have to bear political isolation both at provincial and national forums.In forums of NA and PK there will be no say of our elected representatives, because we have taken themaway from the main sphere of politics. When our representatives; if they are capable to highlights our issues and needs, the forums will just ignore or the walls of the assemblies will echoed with laughs. The previous leaders those were in isolation in assemblies are well aware of this. At that time our elected representatives if they are honest with the district will pay curse to us. Otherwise, they will silently kill the time taking monthly salaries and other privileges.

    Now, it is the responsibilities of the think tanks of Chitral to create awareness on this issue, and save the district from the situation of Isolationism in future. We have to do respect the diversity and think collectively irrespective of regionalism, tribes and other factors which push us toward the political Orphism or Isolationism. Think about the future of Chitral and its coming generation.

    The writer is a researcher, and writes on social issues.


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