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    Global Peace is in Quagmire……….Shafiq Ahmad


    The global survival and peace depend upon the fulcrum of mutual respect and social cohesion to cultivate multiculturalism in the international political dispensations. This transition is possible by means of efficient and judicious functioning of the international civil societies and that of the sincerity of nation states in the comities of the nations. The failure to this transition is catastrophic.


    Yet, the international peace keeping bodies’ needs to priorities the supervision on the comities of the nations. Indeed, the challenge of global peace should be a bull’s eye for the international politics. This propositions, yet, directly depend on the seriousness of the father (USA) of the power politic in the global political discourse.


    However, the international civil society since longer time have downplayed this sentiments of peace and tranquility regionally as well internationally. The doom and gloom gesture of these peace keeping bodies, especially, the United Nation has galvanized the breach among the comities of the nations.


    The hot spots issues like, of the Kashmir and that of the Palestine issues, have caused setbacks in the prospect of global peace and harmony. These lingering disputes marked a question on the versatility and determination of this so called peace keeper. Yet, the UN resolutions have become a contentious between the post-colonial states of the subcontinent. The Indian short shrift approach of the UN charter has become a stumbling block for the South Asian peace and harmony.


    Moreover, the countermand of the articles 370 and 35-A are the embodiment of Indian belligerency and, indeed it is incompatible with the international norms and principles of peace.  The new domicile law and forceful invasion of Indian held Kashmir is need to renovate and reshuffle the  role of peace keeping bodies in the global political system.  This Indian besiege and persecution of minorities inside India and Kashmir have unprecedented ramifications to the regional as well as the global coexistence.


    On the other hand, the Palestine issue is indeed a dark movement upon the ventures of international civil societies. This dispute also has long history and yet the UN inaptitude caused manifold humanitarian crisis inside the Middle East. The Israeli ruthless obliteration of human rights in Palestine is correlations of Indian in Kashmir valley.


    Nonetheless, the menace of partisan polarizations is surging in the global political system. The means of alliancing among counties were aimed to effect peace and deter aggressions, but nowadays it is being using as for hegemonic tendency which is hampering the democratic pluralism in the global political affairs.


    Consequently, this sorts of halting the inclusionary politic in the international political system will condensed the occurrences of hormonal survival in the global village.


    So, now it is time to effect an impartial coterie on managing the means of cordial linkages and understanding by keeping aside the factors of divisions and confrontations regionally as well globally.



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    Writer is a member of student at Gcu, Lahore.


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