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    Favoritism ( Mother of all evils) ……… Written by : Sarwat Sheikh

    Favoritism has nowadays wrapped every individual into its bosom . It is fact that there is always two aspects of everything i.e positive and negative. Everyone has choice but it will be better to do or adopt that one which has more positive outcomes.
    As far as favoritism is concerned, it’s negative effects are greater and especially in schools and colleges we often experience it…
    First of all we should know that what is favoritism? Well let’s try to define the term that is an important evil in the society so called favouritism. It is the practice of giving unfair preferential treatment to the one person or group at the expense of another. When we discuss it in schools/colleges, here we can observe when the teacher prefer a student or group, sometimes on account of so called boldness or impressed by cramming ability, sometimes for appearance, and also because of personality (which is exceptional case) and likewise other students are neglected or given less importance, the teacher proceeds a/c to the preferred student/s. That’s why the other students feel ignored and suffer psychological reluctance .Teachers play an important role in student’s life and always have been special to them even we can say teachers are the role models for students. Students strictly obey what the teacher said. Moreover they start liking the subject of the teacher of their choice. For that students also expect many things which are their rights and no doubt teacher’s responsibility.


    Students demand that everyone in the class should be given proper and equal previlige, appreciation and also reward those who deserve it, by doing hard work and using their intellect… The teacher should know the psyche of every student, should encourage the weak ones because it will be easier for the teacher as students are always emotionally attached to their teacher. They will definitely do hard work, use their abilities just to please their ideal person and in this way they improve and no weak one remains weak…..there is nothing but simply a responsiblity in a real sense…..


    The term ability reminds me saying of R.Jhon Meehan that he says “As a teacher we have the ability to rebuild the world for our students. By our sincere efforts we can make their world more rewarding more gratifying and perhaps even more significant.”
    As we are discussing preferential treatment so I want to qoute another educationist, Ann lieberman says
    That great teachers emphasize with kids respect them and believe that each one has something special that can be built upon.
    According to another educationist Fair doesn’t mean giving every child what they need. A great teacher takes a hand, opens a Monday and touches a heart.


    If we want to conclude the edu/nst opinions we can say that they also emphasize teacher’s fair and sincere efforts as well as teacher’s focus


    On each and every student not only any specific.
    Now let’s talk about reality, In many countries including our country there is almost opposite situation.
    Nowadays preferential treatment is everywhere, in every field of life i.e in schools, colleges, universities, hospital, banks, media, judiciary, society, even one can experience it in his/her home that often one child has been given more attention and importance over others by parents and other family members for any reason but it surely damages the other children…..
    I personally experience that people who experienced or we can say victim of this preferential treatment are mostly suffering from jealousy, severe inferiority complex (considering themselves useless), lack of confidence, declined satisfactory level and with faint happiness due to empty inner world.


    Which obviously leads to rebellious attitude specially towards that teacher and that special student/s although they were their best friends before.The most damaging effect is on personality of students.It damages the personality very badly. However this special treatment is also against ethics and forbidden in our religion Islam.In the Holly Qura’an ALLAH ALMIGHTY says WA’TASIMO BIHABLILAHI JAMI’AN WA LA TAFARRAQU (And hold fast to the rope of ALLAH and do not be divided.
    It seems minor but it’s effects are very severe. It spoils especially students i.e psychological issues ,staunch inferiority complex that leads to depression. In spite of this every second person in society ( who experience it directly or indirectly) try to make us understand that it is part of life, but actually not, we can get rid of it if we all want.
    It also has bad impact on the favorite ones, that they start considering themselves better than others that we can call superiority complex.


    Sometimes they become overbold and consider themselves over smart n that’s why, stop hardworking because it’s a part of human nature that if they are getting the thing of their choice so then why they tire themselves, and they become lazy.
    Genelly speaking, In high level one might experience that in offices, universities, in politics etc there are many people, misuse their authority or don’t even value their post . They usually misbehave with other -staff or general public. In simple words we can say this is because of incompetent for that authority and is one of the results favoritism.


    This evil has deepened its roots in homes, educational institutions and secondarily in the society.If this evil persists in the society the parents and teachers are nothing but traitors and the youngsters will be nothing but rebellions and there will be nothing in the society but violence and ultimately bloodlettings.


    I want to request the parents especially teachers plz avoid favoritism on account of intelligence,relation,caste,personality because teaching is a huge responsibility.Be devoted to your duties because you are nation builders.
    May justice and peace prevail in the society.


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