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    Austerity Drive but who will bell the cat?

    Austerity Drive but who will bell the cat?

    In the backdrop of the acute financial crises a good number of suggestions are appearing in the print media and every body seems concerned about the financial future of the country. We know as a senior citizen of the country that the ruling so called puppets of the 80s and the dictators who held more time of the country did not pay any serious attention to the infrastructure and economic future of the country but collected dollars and smuggled out them. They are still here and we know they are still as wickedly eyeing the opportunities as they did 40 years ago. What about the income from the ‘ Qarza utaro-mulk sanwaro’ of the fugitive bald devil?  

    Benazir Bhutto came to power but could not improve the energy sector except to aggravate it by bringing IPPS and soaring the prices of electricity. Another group of mafia of a very mean caliber came , polished the shoes of the dictator and managed to occupy the main economic sources with its team. They were also not sincere.  The common man is now perplexed about our future and can present his suggestions to improve the economy and bring a stand still to the rising price hike. The Covid -19 did the havoc and the world market dwindled but the stable countries could control their position but the poor ones like us failed to face the crises though we claim that we also did some good in this phase.

    What the common man says is:

    1. Cut the Defence Budget by 20 percent.
    2. Downsize the extravagant salaries  and fix them at Rs. 200000/- pm.
    3. Cut the Free fuel charges to the bureaucrats completely. They should come in the vehicles on payment from their own pockets. Or leave the service.
    4. Cut all perks and privileges of the officers.
    5. For transport ‘ cycles’ be reintroduced.
    6. No Medical charges be reimbursed as there already stands the Sihat card facility.
    7. Those officials who are unwilling under these terms be given compulsory retirement and their dues be paid in installments.
    8. All gas connections and cheap supply of gas in cities and towns be finished. Only cylinder system be introduced. The CNG should be given to manufacturing industries to boost exports.
    9. CNG stations should open 3 days a week
    10. All the  privileges  enjoyed by govt. servants/ special allowances, be done away with.
    11. The TA/DA  rate be minimized that none would covet to travel.
    12.  Govt. Officials should not be allowed to go on UMRA /Hajj on govt. expenses.
    13. No medical check up be allowed abroad for government servants, MNAs, MPAs.
    14. All the property of each family be assessed and the value exceeding 50 million be nationalized.
    15.  No import of unnecessary items be allowed.
    16. No foreign visits by official/ training  on govt. expenses be allowed.
    17. All the industrialist be made bound to establish more factories based on local market/ foreign market demand and failures be penalized  heavily.
    18. Chinese economists should be called to take charge of the economic system to replace the vehicle of economy back on the track.
    19. Penalties be hardened and class system should be eradicated.
    20. Price of Diesel/petrol to luxury vehicles be raised 5 times higher than at present.
    21. All kind of protocols be finished.
    22. An AGRICULTURE FORCE by introduced who are to be trained to reclaim waste lands and modern FARMING should be introduced. This Force is to be trained in modern agricultural methods to increase land produce to be able to export food items.
    23. Work on hydro, wind and solar energy be expedited.
    24. All the riches families of the country have to be taxed by 50 %.

    Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig


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