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    The fault lies with us

    The fault lies with us

    The fault doesn’t lie with them; it lies with us because we don’t know how to raise a rumpus for our rights.

    What sort of fault is this that whenever it happens, it takes the whole day to fix? Yet, by nightfall, it’s fixed. Why can’t that fault be fixed in 2, 3, or 4 hours? This creates ambiguity and raises many questions regarding the seriousness of the engineers working there. It also suggests that there’s something underlying that is not being told to the people. Not informing people is enough to raise their eyebrows. Whenever any maintenance work is done or any fault needs to be fixed, it’s incumbent upon the concerned department to inform people thoroughly through proper social media platforms.

    Suppose the numbers of people who come to enjoy polo match gather at ataliq chawk against this injustice , would this happen again………….!!!!!!!!!!

    Jangbazar Chitral 


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