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    Suspension bridge washed away by flood, Isolated village of Mulkhow disconnected from rest of district

    By Zahiruddin

    CHITRAL: An isolated village in upper Chitral has been disconnected from the rest of the village council situated on the other side of Chitral River after its pedestrian suspension bridge was washed away by the high flood in the river.

    The member of zilla council from Mulkhow, Maulana Javed Hussain, said that the washing away of the bridge has caused innumerable hardships for the villagers on both sides of the river as one has to walk on feet for four hours to cross the river through the nearest bridge.

    He said that Biyaar is the only village situated on the other bank of the river which flanked Kaghlusht, the pasture of Nogram village council while the dwellers of the isolated village wholly depended on the village of opposite side ranging from shopping to schooling of their children and attending its mosques for Friday congregational prayers.

    Mr. Hussain said that although, the villagers are crossing to this side through the distant bridge to fetch commodities of daily consumption but the students are missing their school classes since the last two weeks as they could not walk for eight hours on daily basis.

    Similar is the situation with those felling ill who cannot be taken to the hospital and any outbreak of disease may take a horrendous situation in the disjointed village, he said adding that the social life in the village has also been affected as they were no more able to interact with the larger community in this side.

    “As elected representative from the area, I have approached all the relevant government offices but everywhere to be told that there were no funds available for rehabilitation of the bridge”, said the dejected member of zilla council.

    The situation has also caused hardships for the villagers in this side of the river as they cannot send their livestock for grazing in the pasture of Kaghlusht to where they used to send their sheep and goats on daily basis.

    A common pasture, Kaghlusht provided the people of Nogram not only place of grazing but the villagers also collected dried shrubs from there to use as fuel.


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