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    Sad demise of Subedar Rtd Yormast Qabool of Mastuj

    Sad demise of Subedar Retd Yormast Qabool of Mastuj

    Dear Editor Chitral Times

    It was very shocking news that a prominent person of Mastuj, Subedar Retired Yormast Qabool left us today. I deeply grieve on his sad demise. His demise is an irreparable loss to his family, friends, well wishers and the people of Mastuj.

    I knew him personally.  He was a very very ardent social worker with a keen sense for community upliftment. He was a pioneer leader along with Subedar of Khanandur, Janab Zarqubat Saheb, Manager Saheb Haider Qabool and others prominent leaders who played a role in the development of Mastuj area especially in the construction of water channel with the financial assistance of Aga Khan Rural Support Programme providing water to Mastuj area.

    We recognize his services and I’m personally grateful to him for his respect he had extended to me in various development endevours. It is indeed difficult to forget such a beloved person. May Allah Pak grant his soul eternal peace and grant courage courage to his family members to bear this loss.

    Advocate Sahib Nadir Khan

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