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    Imran tried to hoodwink people at Minar e Pakistan flopped show; fails to present workable solutions to country’s geopolitical economic challenges: Experts

    Imran tried to hoodwink people at Minar e Pakistan flopped show; fails to present workable solutions to country’s geopolitical economic challenges: Experts

    PESHAWAR (APP): Inspite of the PTI’s hype to the Minar e Pakistan public gathering, former premier Imran Khan has failed to attract crowds and present concrete solutions to the country’s prevailing geopolitical and economic challenges, which has disappointed the people.

    Political experts here Sunday said that Pakistan Tahrik Insaf Chairman, Imran Khan has tried hard to mislead the people of Lahore on tall hallow slogans at Minar e Pakistan’s flopped show after his government four years poor performance and has completely failed to present workable solutions to take the country’s out of the existing geopolitical, security, social and economic challenges.

    Ikhtiar Wali Khan, Pakistan Muslim League (N) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa spokesman told APP on Sunday that Imran Niazi instead to focus on his four years poor performance in the centre, Punjab and 10 years rule of PTI in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and give solutions to the country’s existing challenges, has focused on the catchy hallow slogans at Minar e Pakistan flopped show in a bid to deceive masses again.

    The PMLN leader said the people of Pakistan have now understood Imran’s doubled face behaviour after he himself negated his uncalled for foreign conspiracy narrative. 

    Citing reports regarding hiring of a US lobbyist firm by the PTI, he said that Imran on one hand was talking about foreign conspiracy narrative and was hiring a US lobbyist firm for image building in the United States on the other hand, which has exposed his lies based politics.

    The PMLN leader said that Imran government was overthrown through a successful no confidence motion by the National Assembly under the constitution.

    He said the people of Pakistan knew that Imran Niazi was a king of u turn and accusations politics, adding the PTI Chief anti corruption claims were also proved false after PTI Government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has abolished its own created Ehtesab Commission in Peshawar.

    He said Billion trees afforstration project has been taken over by the NAB KP while BRT was constructed on very high cost compared to Multan and Islamabad Metro projects, thus huge taxpayers money was wasted.

    “I questioned where was Imran Khan when a three times elected Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif along with his daughter Maryam Nawaz was imprisoned in sizzling heat during PTI Government tenure. Where was Imran when several bogus cases were registered against PMLN leadership and were put in jails during his government.”

    Ikhtiar Wali said that political leaders did not afraid of death and exiles like that of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, adding Imran’s claims that he would be assassinated like that of Murtaza Bhutto was a childish approach and a sign of a weak scared politician.

    He said it was the prime responsibility of every government to protect life and property of people, adding placing of some containers in Lahore was aimed to ensure security of the PTI workers in the wake of a terrorist attacks’ threat at Lahore.

    Wajid Ali Khan, ANP leader and former minister termed PTI’s Minar Pakistan show was a flopped as evident of the people short attendance despite the long preparations of PTI.

    He said that wrong economic policies of Imran government had ruined the national economy and brought massive inflation and price hike besides decreasing rupee value against dollar significantly. 

    He said the poor economic and financial policies of Imran Govt had made negative effects on foreign investment and exports that increased unemployment in the country.

    Wajid said the stubbornness of the PTI Chairman and his bad relations with the opposition in four year rule had created political and economic chaos in the country.  He said Imran has never positively reciprocated to the government’s grand dialogue offer and claimed that if elections in two provinces, which were currently under the caretaker setups, were held before six months of the Sindh, Balochistan and National assemblies, it would have created a controversy forever.

    He said the constitution cannot act on the whims of one person, who could violate it anytime, dissolve the two provincial assemblies prematurely whenever he wants.

    Hamaza Khan, PMLN Nowshera district President accused PTI chief for instigating his supporters to wound Lahore police at Zaman Park and storming the court premises at Islamabad. 

    He claimed that PTI leadership wanted bloodshed and bodies at Zaman Park but failed in their ill designs and appreciated Punjab police restraint despite provoking attribute of the PTI workers.

    He said Imran had left millions of flood victims alone in Khyber Pakthunkhwa and Punjab provinces despite his government at that time and would face peoples’ wrath in the upcoming general elections and that has left the country at the verge of bankruptcy.

    Despite political stubbornness and allegations of PTI chairman, he said the coalition government had offered several times to PTI’s former lawmakers to take their resignations back and come to parliament but they made a mockery of the sincere offer of the PML-N leadership and were now weeping after their resignations were accepted. 

    He said Imran started Jail Bharo movement to please dissident workers after his childish decision of dissolving the KP and Punjab assemblies. 

    PTI has shattered the confidence of the voters of KP and Punjab after prematurely dissolving the two provincial assemblies and lost footings in both provinces where they would now face people’s anger in upcoming elections, he concluded.


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