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    Chitral police has arrested has six notorious drug peddlers under 3 MPO

    By Zahiruddin

    CHITRAL: The Chitral police has arrested has six notorious drug peddlers under 3 MPO and sent them to the different jails of the province initially for a period of three months which is extendable at its expiry.

    District police officer Chitral, captain (retired) Mansoor Aman told Chitral Times that the drug pushers were habitual in nature and did not desist it and were facing a good number of criminal cases in different courts of law after having been nabbed by police with drugs.

    He said that they were adamant to continue their drug peddling soon after their release from courts on bail and a hide-and-seek game with the police against started and they posed a great threat to the society of Chitral which is almost free from different forms of crimes.

    Mr. Aman said that due to the growing public complaint against the drug pushers, the police had no choice but to arrest them under 3 MPO and sent to the jails outside the district to allay the public fury.

    He said that zero tolerance policy is being practiced by the police against the smugglers and peddlers of drugs who were bent upon polluting the crimes-free society of Chitral eventually destroying its social fabric.

    The drug peddlers were identified as Mujeebur Rahman (Orghoch), Shakir Ahmed (Goldur), Javed Ahmed (Sabzi Mandi), Abdul Ahad (Shali), Abdul Nasir (Mustajpandeh) and Shakil Ahmed (Garam Chashma).


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