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    Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Kuragh Organizes Parent Counseling Seminar


    Chitral Times Report

    KURAGH: In order to highlight the importance of coordination between parents and school,  a magnificent seminar on parents counseling was organized at the auditorium of the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Kuragh on Saturday. Honorable parents of the students of the school graced the program with their kind presence. The theme of the seminar was “Together We may Give a Child the Root to Grow and Wings to Fly”.

    Distinguished scholar Professor Dr. InayatullahFaiziTamgha-e-Imtiaz, and MrAlwaiz Muhammad Ali, Senior Scholar Ismaili Tariqa and Religious Education Board (ITREB) Upper Chitral, seated themselves as the Guest Speakers.

    Deputy District Education Officer, Mr. Hafiz Noorullah also graced the program with his gracious presence.

    The program formally started with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by Syeda AsifaIkhlas, student of Grade 10. ArjumandBanu, a 10 Grader student recited Naat Sharif.

    Thereafter, the Principal Ms Sultana Burhanuddin was called upon the stage. She welcomed the participants and shared the objectives of the program. She said that in the holistic development of a child, in addition to teacher’s struggle, and students’ hard work, parents’ contribution also plays a vital role. In this era of science and technology parents’ interest in the continuous progress of a child and how positively their attitude is changing leaves very positive impacts on the personality development in the child. This enhances the academic efficiency and boosts up confidence level. Parent- teacher interaction helps students attach due importance to discipline, rules and regulations and helps build balanced personality.

    Next, MsSaminaMehmood, Student Counsellor, in her address,   shared fruitful information about the need and role of students and parents counseling in solving students- related issues and extending due support to parents in how to deal with those issues and come up with appropriate solution.Furthermore, she described various issues such as lack of time management, study stress, behavioural problem, lack of confidence, weak concentration in class, health problems, and communication problem. She also shed light on how the counseling service in the school deals with all the above mentioned and other related issues in order to lead the students in the right direction. In order to ensure  solution to the student and parent and teacher related issues there are always   counseling sessions where both referral and individual issues are dealt with and students come up with the best possible solution and feel relaxed and show positive change in their behavior and attitude. The impact of the counseling sessions is encouraging. Students get motivated towards their studies, and their anxieties are removed. Their communication skills and trust in their teachers, school and parents also develop.

    In her speech the student counselor also mentioned some challenges like lack of regular coordination between teachers and parents, less personal coordination with school, criticism and disrespect over school and teachers, management and policies. This negative behavior results in nothing but creation of mistrust and misunderstanding between children and school.

    Now, the worthy Guest Speaker Mr. Alwaiz Muhammad Ali was requested to come upon the stage and share his noble views on Role of Parents in Social, Moral and Spiritual Development of a Child. Addressing the audience, he cited the Holy Quran, Hadithes of the Prophet (SAWW), various important events, books and his own experience. He shed light on the impacts of home environment, attitude of parents on the personality development and moral values and adjustment in society. He said that it is parents who are firstly responsible to inculcate moral and ethical values in children. The school adds on the already inculcated ethics of the children. If the relations between husband and wife are always based on mutual respect, counseling and cooperation, and they attach utmost importance to religious practices and encourage their children to practically follow the tenets and obligations of religion, the children will develop a morally and spiritually sound personality, which enhance their morale in the society. Along with ensuring observance of obligations, parents can also maintain the environment of recitation of the Holy Quran, NaatKhwani, ManqabatKhwani orally or through audio and visual aids. Such children will be a source of spiritual joys and enlightenment and satisfaction for their parents both in this world and hereafter.

    Dr.InayatullahFaizi was requested to address the audience on the Role of Parents in Psychological and Social Development of a Child. In his address he shed light on the importance of positive interaction between teachers and parents, parents and children, and teachers and children in changing the attitude of children in positive direction andenable them to serve the society in a better way. He said that this is the era in which man has reached the peak of development. Comparing the two halves of the past hundred years, he made clear the most rapid pace of development in all fields of knowledge. He further stressed that this age demands highest standard of education. This age is also the most difficult age. He alluded to a saying of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan about Access and Quality. We should strive to compete with the western nation in the field of education. For this purpose we should sacrifice everything to nourish our young generation morally, intellectually, psychologically and socially. There should be perfect harmony among the members of the family so that children may get the lesson of harmony and develop socially and psychologically and play their due role in the society with a sound mind.

    Now Mr Aien Shah, Head of Education,Aga Khan Education Service Pakistan, was requested to address the audience. In his speech he highlighted various moral and ethical values which make our culture unique. He especially mentioned Chitrali culture, its norms, and moral values. He regretted, however, that we are not giving importance to our values such as respect for parents and elders, giving shoulder to the poor. He stressed on preservation of the cultural norms and ethics. He mentioned ethical conscience which is the spirit of ethics and should remain alive. If a child does not show due respect to parents, the latter feel inferiority complex. Being highly educated means being more humble, polite, respectful and caring. The only thing that solves the issue of said inferiority complex is adherence to ethical standard. He alluded to one of the Farmans of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan on paying due respect to parents and taking care of the senior citizens and living according to the moral and ethical values of Islam.

    Lastly, he also explained Emotional Intelligence and Resilience. He said that the purpose of education is to make the students able to have perfect control over their feelings, thoughts and emotions. They should learn to live with challenges, not to run from them.  Optimistic approach towards life helps compete with the challenges and accept realities of life.

    The Deputy District Education Officer (Male), Chitral Mr.HafiziNoorullah was called upon the stage. He appreciated the efforts the school staff and management for organizing the seminar. Alluding to Quran and Hadith, he shed light on responsibilities of parents regarding their children. He stressed that we should fulfill our responsibilities regarding feeding, clothing and educating our children. Environment has 80 % role in development of children, and includes parents, siblings and society. Curriculum has a hidden aspect, which is learned from family and society. It includes moral values which are inculcated by parents, school and society. It is this aspect of curriculum which trains students to become successful and praiseworthy citizens of the country. All the stakeholders including curriculum, system, school, parents and teachers should play their part in guiding, training and developing the students intellectually, morally, emotionally and spiritually.  We should be possessed with moral values of truth, beauty in thought and action, and honesty, in order to become global citizens.

    Souvenir and bouquet were presented to the Guest Speakers and Deputy District Education Officer on behalf of the School.






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