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    Youth to become part of the collective role of PTI ..Pervez Khatak

    By Our Correspondent


    CHITRAL: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has called upon the youth to become part of the collective role of PTI for the elimination of politics of corruption, loot and plunder and nepotism. The youth needed to be part of the overall movement for public awareness as PTI wanted to eliminate all approaches leading to corrupt practices, wrong and anti public steps adding that his government with the support of the people would dismantle the corrupt system and stop the corrupt politicians to reach to the corridor of power.


    He was addressing a public gathering at Garam Chashma during his 2-day long visit to district Chitral. Chairman PTI Imran Khan and Aman ur Rahman also addressed the public gathering. Central Secretary General PTI Jehangir Tareen, PTI office bearers and elected representatives also participated.


    The Chief Minister welcomed the joining of political leader Aman ur Rahman to the fold of PTI and assured him that his joining would prove that he made a right decision at right time. He said that the people of Chitral were politically conscious and hoped that they would be willing partners of PTI movement against corruption, loot and plunder and nepotism. “PTI stands for public welfare investing in the human development that is a part of PTI’s manifesto”, he added.


    Pervez Khattak said it was the responsibility of any government to carry out developmental works and his government has prioritized the hitherto neglected parts of the province with focus on the development of Chitral, Kohistan and Torghar. He assured for the provision of educational and health facilities to the people of Garam Chashma on war footings.


    Chief Minister reminded the audience that this country needed to be led by an honest leadership. The last 70 years of history of the country spoke about the wrongdoings of the rulers that led the country to devastation. The rampant corruption of the ruling elite defamed the country therefore the people, next time, should exercise their right of vote in favour of Imran Khan in order to prove the world that we have stopped everything wrong in our country.


    Pervez Khattak said that PTI emerged as a force against the injustices and excesses against the people. He admitted that though the system was corrected considerably but still there were problems in education, health, justice dispensation and problems of the poor and we are working on it. He said that the agonizing fact is that the rich has access to everything that should be understood by the poor and should not be deceived. They have to work for their own future and support Imran Khan for rectifying the system, he added.


    Imran Khan in his address at the occasion welcomed Aman ur Rahman for joining PTI terming his joining as the best decision in the national interest. He spoke about the importance of Chitral adding that Chitral and other parts of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were more beautiful than Switzerland. He said Switzerland is a small country but a prosperous one. We have all the advantages which Switzerland had but still we are laggard. We know the reasons that there was no investment on human development which Switzerland had. Unfortunately, the country was ruled by dacoits who transferred the national resources abroad. They cannot be the well wishers of the people and they are least bothered about the prosperity of the country. We have to catch the dacoits who ruled our country forcing them to payback what they looted. After the Panama Leaks, the war against the corrupts was further intensified by PTI. Human is our assets and we should invest on human resource development that was one of the basics of PTI manifesto that included priority in education, training to the youth etc.


    Later talking to the media, Imran Khan said that Nawaz Sharif and his daughter was campaigning against the judiciary. In their efforts to hide their corruption, they are casting aspersion against the institutions. They should have been behind the bars adding that PTI emerged as the strong opposition playing the true opposition role in the country.


    Regarding NRO, Imran Khan said that the previous NRO brought un-measurable losses to the country and there was no space for another NRO.


    Regarding the political alliance in the coming elections, Imran Khan said that PTI could make alliance with any political party which was not afraid of accountability as he advocated extensive measures against corruption in the country.


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