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    We are poor people, aren’t we? -By: Aqib Chitral

    We are poor people, aren’t we? – By: Aqib Chitral

    A minimum of 95 percent of the people in Chitral live a hand-to-mouth life. They do jobs to get monthly salaries and spend that income to fulfill their basic needs. This includes paying their children’s fees and buying essential food supplies for a month. However, our priorities have always been to millionaires and billionaires. We constantly chase after our wishes without first satisfying our needs. Raising our voices against the injustices we face has never been a priority. Instead, we find ourselves engaged in futile debates about trivial matters, such as who will be selected for Shandur etc. We have been lackadaisical from the very beginning when it comes to taking productive action or advocating for our rights.

    Engaging in activities like playing games, watching polo matches, or seeking refreshment is not worthy of harsh criticism. However, the problem arises when we prioritize these activities over more important matters.

    For the past month, members of all political parties have been staging a sit-in, demanding subsidies on essential commodities. These subsidies are crucial for our survival, yet the number of people actively participating in this protest is low. It raises questions about whether we are callous or simply partial for useless activities . Similar circumstances occurred in Gilgit, but the people there took to the streets to fight for their rights. As a result, the government had to unintentionally withdraw its decision regarding the wheat rates. Taking the people seriously who aren’t serious hasn’t been the cup of tea of our linchpins.

    “God helps those who help themselves.” With our this attitude, can we honestly claim to be helping ourselves? I don’t think so. Unless we are ready to think seriously and raise rumpus for our rights, nothing will change. 

    Aqib , Jangbazar Chitral 


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