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    Very ‘good’ gift by imported  government.

    Very ‘good’ gift by imported  government.

           The half parliament installed by CIA, has been busily increasing the prices of the fossil fuels at the command of IMF which is a US tool to entrap ‘ banana republics’. This is a snipe on the poor inhabitants of the poor country. Those who had pushed the economy of the country, in the last 40 years, into  deep pits from which nothing could be retrieved, now come to tell us that they are utterly innocent in this matter as if we were not present in this country and had no eyes to see or ears to listen, what a pity! and all the loans were taken by PTI government during the last 3 years..? who would believe it but the lunatics and addicts. The highest price of petroleum is invaluable gift of US installed conspirators.  

                    The country has been ruled by the Sharif brothers when they began to shine the shoes of Ziau-Haq-  the worst and cursed dictator of the country. The other dictators who preceded him or succeeded him did not cause as much damage to the country who ‘used to narrate the Verses of the Holy Quran’ to validate his integrity but was driven by CIA in the Afghan War. He was a ‘perfect slave’ of CIA and when the US designs were near completion, was blown up at Bahawalpur as he was no more needed by the Masters. It shows that he was the stupidest general this country has ever seen.

    He believed the CIA and the US Bosses and never had the idea that they could throw him away as a used chewing gum but he and those who were in his team were paradoxically in a state of trauma and did not have the sense that the CIA has always used people like him and then disposed them off. The dictator who preceded him was General Ayub Khan who ruled for about ten years and established a number of industries and constructed Dams to generate power but he also depended on CIA and was miled by them ignoring USR and Afghanistan as enemies but it did him no good. His policies or the policies of his predecessors in the 50s were pro US with Defense pacts called SEATO and SENTO in which Pakistan received the deadliest blows.

    The next dictator who came to power by ousting Nawaz Sharif was Musharaf who did some work in the field of Telecommunication but also ignored construction of water reservoirs for generation of electricity. The loans of his time and that of his predecessors such as Benazir by ill-conceived energy policies of generating energy from oil, was highly stupid planning. This IPP curse landed the economy into the mire from where we cannot come out and have to go to IMF to pay the mark up of the loans within prescribed time. Musharaf is coming back but bed-ridden. Alas! What a pity! He was very kind to Chitralis and we must pray for his recovery.

    Pro. Rahmat Karim Baig


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