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    Unity for Prosperity -Aqib Chitral

    Unity for Prosperity -Aqib Chitral

    This political kerfuffle and throwing mud at each other to prove who is better and whose party is more loyal to the country should be ended now. Instead of taking to the streets to protest and casting aspersions on each other, it’s high time to sit together and work for the betterment of the nation. We’ve become frustrated due to the chaotic situation since the ousting of Khan’s government. It’s incumbent upon all parties to gather in parliament and work on their agendas through legal means to restore true democracy in this country.

    Protesting, taking to the streets, nursing personal grudges, and trying to prove each other wrong instead of collaborating have not come in handy for anyone, neither for them nor for the people, as we’ve experienced economic and political instability. Internal conflicts have given chance for external powers to further destabilize the country. Brain drain has brought the nation on the brink of destruction, and the remaining young people in the country can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. People have become frustrated by the dearth of improvement in political and economic conditions.

    All politicians and  linchpins should think about the people who are confronting poverty and unemployment. It’s the perfect time for the leaders of major parties to put their personal grudges on back burner and work together to save this sinking ship and the people who have been enduring mayhem since 2022.

    Jangbazar, Chitral 


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