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    Uniting Chitral

    Uniting Chitral

    In this situation, there should be only one party in Chitral. All the members of other parties should join that party, and the name should be “Chitral Party.” A single party is the need of the hour.

    Taking the name of any political party won’t be instrumental in working in unity for the peace in Chitral. So, “Chitral Party” should be established, and every political party should join that party. Then we can demonstrate to external powers that Chitralis are united and serious about bringing back the peaceful environment.

    Any political party has a good opportunity to play a great role by establishing an ad-hoc coalition, bringing all the parties together onto a single platform. This unity can be instrumental in restoring a peaceful environment in Chitral.

    That single party, having members from various political parties, won’t have any political agendas. Instead, they will focus only on the development of this backward area and can take productive steps in situations like these to show unity for the betterment of Chitral.

    Jangbazar Chitral 


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