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    The Winter Challenges of Kosht: A Struggle for Survival in a Remote Village

    The Winter Challenges of Kosht: A Struggle for Survival in a Remote Village

    Kosht is a small village located in upper Chitral, Pakistan, known for its rugged terrain and harsh winter conditions. The village is situated at a high altitude, making it one of the coldest places in the region with temperatures dropping as low as -15 degrees Celsius during the winter months. This harsh weather, combined with poor infrastructure, makes life in Kosht a constant struggle for its residents.

    One of the biggest challenges during the winter is the closure of roads due to heavy snowfall. This cuts off the village from the rest of the district, making it difficult for residents to access essential goods and services. The lack of proper transportation also makes it challenging for residents to travel to nearby towns and cities for work, education, and medical care.

    Another major issue is the freezing of the water pipeline, which is the main source of water for the village. This forces residents, particularly women and children, to fetch water from alternate sources such as springs, often located miles away from their homes. This not only consumes a lot of their time but also exposes them to the harsh winter conditions. The lack of access to clean water also poses a health risk to the community, as residents are forced to use water from sources that may not be safe for consumption.

    The electricity supply in the village is also unreliable, with frequent load shedding during the winter months. This makes it difficult for residents to keep warm, cook their food and also affects daily activities such as studying and working. The lack of electricity also affects the local economy, as small businesses such as shops and flour machine struggle to stay open.

    The government must take urgent action to address these issues and improve the living conditions of Kosht’s residents. This includes investing in infrastructure such as insulated water pipelines, backup generators, and snow plows to ensure a reliable water and electricity supply and access during the winter. The government should also consider providing subsidies for essential goods and services, as well as education and healthcare facilities in the village.

    In conclusion, life in Kosht during the winter is a constant struggle for survival. The residents of Kosht need the support of the government to improve their living conditions and ensure that they can survive and thrive in this remote village. Despite the difficulties, the community pulls together to support each other and persevere through the cold. The government should also consider providing support to small businesses, so that they can continue to provide essential goods and services to the community.


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