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    The Vulture and the Little Girl – By Wazir Ali Shah

    The Vulture and the Little Girl – By Wazir Ali Shah

    Remorse ensues after an egoistic stance is always otiose when it hits back to our mind and gives us realization of being wrong or ignorant to the fact of a realistic situation that we had confronted or behold in our life. After letting those circumstances go in the wrong direction, we often feel guilty over our decision that we were taken unscrupulously. It gives taught time to the victim to raise the bar of their existence again. In the line of self-fulfillment, ego, achievement and self-benefit we often corrode all those reasonable acts coming in our way of life. Sometimes the deliberate intentions along with plenty of different matters close our eyes and force us to go along with the temporal benefits of intentional denial of actual matters.

    Kevin Carter, a South African photojournalist who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1993 for an image illustrating the Sudanese famine. Carter snapped a photograph of an emaciated girl with starvation collapsing on the way to the feeding Centre and an enviable vulture lurked in a chase waiting close to eat the child when she died. Kevin seemed to be engrossed in photography putting the little girl in danger. After this event Kevin Carter was said to be broken inside and later on he took his life setting inside his car shutting down doors hermetically connecting exhaust pipe with driver’s seat to be suffocated.

    Since the inception of the motion of no confidence, the scenario has caused us to reflect on the scene from “The Vulture and the Little Girl.” The war-like predicament between the public and the current regime seems never going to end. The establishment, judiciary, as well as media can play a crucial part in bringing Pakistan to the right reasonable track from this devastating crisis. Majority of people believe that the establishment and judiciary have been hovering like vultures, waiting for the situation where efforts often become useless to bring the matter back on track. Media houses showing the opposite one face of the picture and voicing with low pitch about genuine issues. Political delusions are tumbling out the masses severely. What we would gain when things will be approaching to the point of no return?

    Current political uncertainty and monetary tightening possess an even more irreparable threat to Pakistan than the dismissed regime of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI). Political parties seem focused on their political possession rather than listen to the susceptibility of people who are gridding by terrible inflation in Pakistan. Prices of commodities are now more beyond the reach of the common man. This may be just a simple statement for those who brought or caused this inflation because they have nothing to do with the matter even if it goes further on to take a meal once in a day. But the general public are in real trouble due to the current economic recession. Pakistan Finance Minister Miftah Ismail unveiled the controversial budget for the 2022/23 fiscal year starting July aiming for economic growth of 5% amid pressure to control the fiscal deficit and secure International Monetary Fund bailout money. Budget forecasts average inflation of 11.05 in 2022/23 vs 11.7% in 2021/22. Consumer price index based inflation rose in May to 13.08 % year on year. Pakistan raised petrol and diesel prices by around 20% earlier this month. Current fiscal budget has put a further burden of 3.95 trillion rupees’ expenditures of taxes. Health is one of the major and important elements that has placed it in danger zone by reducing budget allocation to 19.03 bln from 154.49 bln rupees in 2021/22. 

    Prime Minister Imran Khan ousted by united opposition taking it failed government that raised the inflation therefore they must leave to handover the state to new regime to get relief from the raising inflation but unfortunately, it went wrong and misfired and moved the movement in opposite direction towards economic devastation. The so-called experienced team are failed and only able to introduce new term “mushkil faisalay” to the economic term inflation.  The common man is overburdened and frustrated to meet necessities of life. The relief carrying manifesto of united opposition is left behind and they are only absorbed in to gain power through any means.

    In the line of those difficult decisions and under the directives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the government of Pakistan has decided to immediately withdraw subsidy on petroleum. Consequently, the petrol price would soon cross triple century and could soar past Rs.300 or Rs.310 per liter.

    Highest pace of inflation in the shape of a storm skyrocketed to 13.4. The inflation rate steeply rose to double figures and it would have the worst impact on the prices of food, housing and transport. The government has put a lot of burden on the public to meet the conditions of loan approval. We must be ready to bear more inflation as the Government of Pakistan is planning to undertake further economic measures to please the IMF to sanction a bailout package to Pakistan.  Pakistan now has left only $10.499bn therefore IMF is the only hope to save Pakistan to face a Sri Lanka like situation.  The shrinkage of foreign reserves may put Pakistan in dire straits like Sri Lanka. Can the public further tolerate the burden of an economic crisis?

    The people are seeming helpless and confused about where to hit their head being thrown under the depth of the poverty line by selfish politicians. Who will listen to them to get them out of this trouble? Massive price hike of fuel has also given illogical justification to increase the price of commodities. There is no mechanism to monitor prices in the market.

    Pakistan is passing through a crucial phase of economic and political crisis. Both the political parties are engaged to confuse the public with puzzling figures of their own interpretation and it has no meaning to the masses to get relief from the current stagflation. The economic indicators are going in the wrong direction. The Minister of Finance feels comfortable and busy in renovating their palace from government funds. Their laugh after putting people in trouble has created pain, anger forming cyclones inside the people that may rupture any time.

    Common mon has become tired and frustrated and nobody is serious about listening to them. They are unable to understand how to pass the days waiting for the miracle to take them out from this suffering. Those who are in an authoritative position are so far silent and waiting for the situation to become worse. IMF, the only hope for Pakistan is demanding additional measures for loan revival. Government has no option left except to accept the monetary conditions of the IMF of their own choice that would surely put further burden to almost lower to middle class.

    Pakistan’s position requires an immediate intervention of judiciary, establishment and media to stop the nonsense agenda of political parties who have removed Pakistan from the track to gain their political power. It’s time to take the matter more seriously before we witness economic insurgencies and unrest in our country. We must review the non-sense tradition of political parties to build the misleading narrative in the public to declare the previous government as responsible. Public have tired and now hate political debate and are worried and afraid that just a one-time meal might not be taken away from them and rest of the luxuries of life might not be seen even in the dream.

    Kevin Carter’s interference to rescue the girl from the vulture was not done in time, putting the little girl at the mercy of suffering and despair of the time. Likewise, the current scenario of Pakistan reflects the circumstances and requires an immediate interference to take away Pakistan from the hands of people whose agenda is only to get political benefits. Otherwise, regret over silence is worthless when it comes after destroying the holistic benefits of Pakistan. If we do not act on time, then we would leave no point of return to get things back in order.


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