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    The Kashmir issue and Regional Peace

    The Kashmir Issue and Regional Peace.

    Fazlur Rahman

    The South Asian Region has remained prey to Chaos, Instability and polarization since the advent of British Colonialism. These long-standing tensions intervened with other issues like poverty, terrorism, illiteracy and corruption have left the region in a miserable condition. However, the unresolved issue of Kashmir poses a major threat to regional peace, prosperity and integration.

    As the Kashmir conflict is considered the bone of contention between Pakistan and India, the latter’s unilateral decision to annex Kashmir on 5 August 2019 has further added to the mess. This long-standing conflict over the issue of Kashmir not only poses a threat to both the Nuclear-Armed Neighbours, but also jeopardized the regional peace and stability.
    Both the rivals, abound with nuclear weapons are hovering a catastrophe that could engulf the region at any time. This has prompted the opponents into the vicious cycle of arm-race. The more the two neighbours get one’s hands on the sophisticated modern warfare the more it could ignite the South Asian Region into everlasting threat.

    This rivalry over the Kashmir- Issue has also festered the regional prosperity. Because of the brewed hate, culture, sport, people to people contact and acceptance of diversity have fallen into the dark abyss of lasted-enimosity. The story does not end here. This hatched enmity has unleashed the monster to haunt the mutual trust, that in turn has doomed the trade relations which could bloom prosperity in the region.

    Unfortunately, the Indian hegemony has never let peace to prevail. The facist regime, under the supervision of Modi__an RSS brand ambassador__has left no stone unturned to add the plights of the Kashmiri people. His decision of August 5 has further widened the distrust between the two nuclear-armed neighbours. This unileteral act, which is against the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) resolution is a slap on the face of the so-called custodian of peace. Hence it proved that selfish interests are above the Humanity.
    Until and unless the Kashmir Conflict is left unresolved, the South Asian Region would never bear the fruits of prosperity, mutual trust, stability and peace. The UNO should play its due role in this regard. The people of Kashmir should be given the right of self-determination as per the UNSC resolution.


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