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    Tailors overcharging irk Eid shoppers in KP

    Tailors overcharging irk Eid shoppers in KP

    PESHAWAR (APP): The overcharging by tailors have irked Eid shoppers in Khyber  Pakhtunkhwa and demanded of the district administration to take stern action against price-hikers and profiteers. 

    As only few days left in Eidul Fitre celebrations, the male and female tailors started overcharging people by earning almost double profit in the last days of Ramazan than normal days that annoyed customers of all aged groups.

    In Peshawar,  Charsadda and Nowshera, the tailors are heavily charging customers demanding upto Rs3,000 per suit for stitching these days.

    Expressing dissatisfaction on overcharging and quality of stitching clothes by tailors, the Eid shoppers asked the district administration to maintain check and balance over the market rates and regulate charges of tailoring as quickly as possible.

    “The tailors started looting people as one suit was being stitched at Rs Rs2500 to Rs3000 these days. Therefore, I opted to buy readymade cloth to save tailors charges,” said Qaiser Khan, a resident of Nowshera district.

    He accused the district administration for its failure to regulate stitching rates of tailors, forcing many to purchase readymade cloths on Eid.

    Zubair Afridi, a lady tailor of Faqirabad said the tailors received double orders on this Eid comparatively from normal days as customers were pressing for new booking despite our refusal.

    To fulfill the placed and new orders, he said most of tailors hired extra labourers by working till late night in the local markets at Faqirabad, Qissa Khwani, Karimpura and Interior City.

    Most of tailoring shops are overcrowded with customers and many tailors refused to accept more bookings.

    Ayub Khan, a tailor of Pabbi told APP that his business was shined on the arrival of Eid.

    He said this was the right time we make some profit compared to other months in the wake of increase in price hike in Peshawar.

    He made it clear that charges for suits stitching were almost double because of workload of the customers, increase of electricity charges,  shops’ rents, labour wages, relevant materials and “we have to put in extra effort to fulfill people orders by using generators in case of loading shedding.”

     “I visited several tailors shops but was unable to find anyone quality tailor ready to take my order for Eid,” said a customer Sajid Khan, a resident of Pabbi.

    “I prefer readymade white Shalwar suit for this Eid with matching Peshawari Chappal keeping in view of high charges of the tailors and arrival of summer season.”

    A online tailoring social media platform spokesman said that online service has been popular with female customers, and we will continue to serve our people during Ramazan.

    He said we were working round the clock to meet placed orders as quickly as possible ahead of Eid.

    Another women customer, Shaheen Bibi of Wapda Town said that tailors with own sweetwill increased stitching charges upto Rs 500 for a single suit in Peshawar that needed to be checked by the district administration.

    Majority quality lady tailors displayed their notices outside their shops inscribing that ‘booking is closed’  adding well off families were forced to pay double charges to stitch their suits from their favourite tailors.

    The people requested Deputy Commissioners to mobilize his staff so that overcharging by tailors could be avoided on occasion of Eidul Fitr.


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