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    Shahzada Mohyuddin; “Chitral has lost a brave son of the soil” – Khalid Masood

    Shahzada Mohyuddin; Chitral has lost a brave son of the soil – Khalid Masood

    It was 1992, as SP Chitral I received a telephone call from Shahzada Mohyudin, who was than minister state Tourism, it was my first contact with him, he spoke quite gracefully and with manner,.

    Later on during his visits to Chitral, we had meetings and traveled together, being a minister and notable of the area, his demeanor and dealing were respectful to all, we would learn from him, the history, social and political problems of Chitral.

    Being an educated, with rich experience, would provide us with trove of knowledge. During our visit towards Darosh area, his hospitality was glaring. 

    Chitral has lost a brave son of the soil, may ALLAH bless him and rest in eternal peace.  

    Khalid Masood
    Ex DPO, SP ,Chitral,
    Addle. IG KPK,
    ex Member Public Service Commission KPK.


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