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    Sacrifices of Pak Army

    Sacrifices of Pak Army

    Pakistan has been a target from the very beginning as a Muslim state- demanded and created in the name of Islam  and Islam has been an eyesore for the rest of the religions of the world. The Jews dislike it from the time of its emergence. The Christians have disliked it and the Roman Empire fought  wars against it for many years. The Hindus have never been able to digest its presence in the sub continent. The Zorostrians have disliked it for its expansion in their region. The Buddhists have not liked it for certain reasons and for the teachings that it has given for the welfare of Humanity. So on the independence day on 14 August 1947 it was a dark day for the followers of the above mentioned Faiths and from that day onward they have joined hands to create differences among its believers. There have been secret and open opposition and intrigues to the Teachings of Islam and have been criticized times and again. The movement is on and going on with more zeal than before. It is because its followers have failed to act according to the tenets of Islam truly, wisely, properly and unitedly.

    In the light of the statement above a wide alliance of anti – Pakistan nationalities, countries and communities has spread and has worked out a plan to defeat it on all fronts and Pakistan bears the brunt as the front line state among the Muslim countries. Pakistan is the main target of the countries where the above religions dominate. No other Muslim country has got the guts to call a spade a spade. They live mute life and have no courage to face and retaliate any harsh or soft form. Pakistan does.

    Our Army Jawans have offered their lives for the defense of the country. They are performing  round the clock duty on the western and eastern borders. It is a hard task and has been performed quite bravely. If there is a gap it is because of the intervention of our political leadership. This side of our defense  ( from political leadership ) is too weak and it surrenders to CIA dictates quite readily and accepts their demands  submissively. The work of the soldiers on the borders is highly commendable and encouraging for us. We are proud of them, we pray for them and their safety. From Siachin in the north east to Boroghil-Arandu- to Chaman and the borders of Iran it is a very long border and nothing but hard work and honest performance can beat back any advance from the enemy side.  It is needless to give figures of all the sacrifices and martyrs which are already documented but the incidents being reported are too much for us to think and appreciate the role of the Army.

    Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig


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