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    Recreational parks attract people, children in droves during Eid holidays amid funfair

    Recreational parks attract people, children in droves during Eid holidays amid funfair

    PESHAWAR (APP): The residents of Khyber Pakthunkhwa visited recreational parks, boats and dams sites where they enjoyed food parties in open besides free swings by children on the third day of Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations.

    Keeping alive the rich traditions of hospitality, the people of KP exchanged food dishes and invited loved ones on parties besides distributed sweet, meat and rice dishes in poor doubling their Eid joy.

    As per traditions, the people of Peshawar passed the first Eid day at home and spent the second and third day by visiting houses of their loved ones, relatives and friends for exchange of Eid greetings, and sweet gifts besides Eidis in children.

    “I came from Wapda Town Peshawar to hand over food and sweet dishes to my married sisters in line of an islamic rituals,” Zeeshan Khan, a resident of Nowshera told APP.

    “I visited the home of grandfather on third day of Eid and exchanged Eid greetings with him viz a viz his family members. Such joyful event, which comes after a long time, are creating spirit of love, warmth, unity and brotherhood in the society,’ he said.

    “The exchange of Eid greetings and distribution of Eidi among children bring people and relatives more closer besides doubled their joys.”

    “I collected Rs5000 eidi from relatives and has utilized half amount by visiting parks and Peshawar zoo for recreational activities and donated the remaining amount to orphans children to include them in Eid-ul-Fitre celebrations,’”  he said.

    “Helping needy and poor people double our Eid joys,’ he said.

    “I met with all my friends, cousins and relatives during last two days of Eid and today I came to Peshawar alongwith brother to visit parks and recreational spots for entertainment,” said Omar Khan, a resident of Nowshera at historic Shahi Bagh Peshawar while enjoying free swing.

    The Eidi received from relatives and loved ones has greatly helped him pay ticket charges of free swings and transport.

    Like Omar and Zeeshan, thousands of people alongwith children of Peshawar, Mardan, Kohat, Nowshera and Charsadda districts thronged to parks, picnic and recreational points to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with great enthusiasm.

    Parks and recreational spots in Peshawar, Kohat, Charssada and Nowshera were flooded with tourists due to effective security measures made by the government.

    Great hustle and bustle was seen at Chacha Younis Park, Shahi Bagh, Tanda dam in Kohat, Kund Park in Nowshera and Sardaryab picnic point in Charsadda where people mostly children and youth enjoyed free swings and food parties under an open sky amid laughter and funfair.

    Sardaryab picnic point on Peshawar-Charsadda Road and Kund Park in Nowshera was jam-packed with visitors on Friday while spicy items including sweets, meat, rice and Bar B Que parties were enjoyed by them on the banks of Shah Alam, Khayali and Indus rivers amid funfair.

    The riverside views, colourful boats and fried fish attracted visitors at Sirdaryab in Charadda in abundance.

    Local musicians and singers have enthralled visitors in Sardaryab and presented local Pashto songs especially during evenings and received warm applause from the tourists.

    The brightly painted boats on river bank that offer trips to tourists for Rs200, also attracted tourists in large number at Sardaryab.

    Great rush of tourists were seen especially children tried to get place in the boats before enjoying entrance in the rivers.

    “Sardaryab is my favorite tourist place because the riverside views always gave me some respite from hot weather,”  Ehtisham Khan, a resident of Wapda Town  told APP.

    “The natural beauty of Sardaryab, especially its long river shore and travelling inside the river through colour boats gives me immense happiness during Eid holidays,” he said.

    Eid festivities in Kohat also continued on third day of Eid where people enjoyed travelling, swimming, rice and food dishes at open at Tanda dam.

    Built on River Tochi near Kohat city in 1960, the Tanda dam attracted influx of tourists from Hangu, Karak and Bannu districts.

     “Tanda dam double my joy due to its cool breeze here,” Salahuddin Khan, a tourist from Kohat told APP. The atmosphere of Tanda dam was excellent and full of natural beauty and people can come here to enjoy its natural beauty.

    Film lovers also visited cinema houses and enjoyed movies on big screen. Entertainment Gala were also held at all major cities, towns and villages where elaborate entertainment arrangements were made for entertainment of children.

    The venders swings also attracted children at villages of Khyber Pakthunkhwa amid laughter and funfair.


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