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    Poverty is the worst form of violence (Mahatma Gandhi) – By Shafiq Ahmad

    Poverty is the worst form of violence (Mahatma Gandhi) – By Shafiq Ahmad

    It is a paradox as the global north has reached the ladder of economic growth and prosperity, nearly 60 percent of the global south is facing the brunt of abject poverty. Why Nation Fails, Acemoghlu and Robinson had identified that is the UNCERTIAN GLORY OF THE WORLD. IMF in its report; Multidimensional Poverty Outlook revealed that the majority of the masses in the global south are lagging behind in quality of education, health and other human development indicators.

    There are ample of studies and researches that have clarified that the Trickle-down Theory has hardly uplifted the poor masses that has plagued by poverty.

    However, the system of liberal economic has discredited human life. It has not streamlined any solid foundation to equalize the resources among the people and instead it’s fuelling the division between haves and haves not. This deep chasm between the rich and the poor are creating disequilibrium in the already polarized world order. Now it is time to understand the real meaning of poverty beyond bread and butter. Because poverty has full blown assault on the individual as well as the social life. Due to the menace of poverty an individual and the society are not able to exploit their full potential. As a result it has dire consequences in many ways—-psychologically, politically. Socially and economically.

     In the psychological level, an individual stricken with poverty feels hopelessness and despair. The issue of mental health and it causes suicide and other immoral acts. Also various reports, World Health Organization (WHO) has identified that the issue of poverty is the major hurdles to eradicate mental health in the developing countries.

    At the political stage, a poor person cannot able to use full energy in democratic process. For example, he/she may not be able to understand fundamental rights and social contract, even the system of the adult franchise will be under threat as majority of the poor did not cast their vote in elections According to Pakistan Institute of Legislative and Transparency Development (PILDAT) which depicted that hiher number of the poor masses do not cast vote in majority of the developing democracies. Thus poverty is indeed the roadblock to efficient political culture.

    With abject poverty, how can a poor person face ‘gated community’? The security and check for any threat to peace has always exposed a poor in the society. They are more prone to scrutiny for security clearance in public places. Also a poor person is unsociable in congregation and other festivals due to minimal resources to entertain such gathering. Yet, poverty is a big hindrance for poor to be sociable.

    Moreover, the economic consumerism and materialism has also greatly affected poor segment of our society. For example, how to purchase basic needs of life and other requirements of life is serious issue in front of poor person. With high inflation and price hike, a destitute person can hardly even fulfill basic amenities of life. Food, health, and education are becoming hard nut to crack in such a condition. Yet, life of poor is worsening with less economic resources.

    On the other hand, poverty has also serious effect on the society. A serene and balance society cannot flourish without stable psychological mindset of the people. It is the cognitive maturity and understanding of issues in a society which help to sustain equilibrium society. Peace and harmony is very vital which can be achieve through enlightened and psychological calm society. Otherwise, a poor society cannot entertain cognitive and psychological development of society. As a result social evils, crime, smuggling and human trafficking become life routine.

    On the political front, a poverty affected society cannot entertain mature and pluralistic political culture .Because, a judicious political culture needs strong civil society which count on good number of middle class. With higher poverty the graph of political participation as well as social mobilization will be under duress. As a result political instability threats democracy of any society.

    How a society can thrive without economic prosperity? Because an individual wellbeing is primary importance to strengthen the bases of any society. It is the economic resources which can help to create strong society and indeed poverty is a serious break for human development in less economic potentials. Yet poverty deprives masses from nutrition’s and diet which causes violence in form of robber and thefts,

    To summarize the argument of this writing, poverty is indeed proved to the worst form of violence against the individual as well as the society. It injuries the society and individuals on so many fronts. Without complete eradication of poverty, an absolute human prosperity is not possible. Yet through holistic planning and vision we can relive our masses from poverty,


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