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    People rule to be established after winning Feb 8 election: Bilawal Bhutto

    People rule to be established after winning Feb 8 election: Bilawal Bhutto

    CHITRAL (APP): Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari here Wednesday said that people rule would be established after winning February 8 General Election.

    He said leaders of opposition parties have disappointed people and masses of KP were looking now to PPP for resolutions of their problems.

    Addressing big party convention here, he said that veteran leaders of opposition parties failed to address masses problems at their tenures as Prime Minister and they should now sit in home and allow young leadership to address the country’s problems.

    He said people of KP would reject all those political parties who failed to deliver despite remaining in power for nearly 10 years in KP.

    He said people also knew about a Punjab based political party that plunged the country into a price hike affecting lives of common man.

    He said the country suffered due to politics of confrontation and hate based politics by two opposition parties that deceived masses on name of so called change and respect for votes.

    Bilawal said that people wanted employment and not agitation.

    He said Sindh province had made progress due to continuity of PPP Govt policies and recorded development projects completed there.

    He demanded full implementation on 18th Constitutional amendment and NFC share to provinces.

    Bilawal said people of Chitral was closed to his heart and their problems would be addressed after coming into power.

    He said Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Shaheed and Benazir Bhutto Shaheed laid down their lives but never compromised on rights of people and democracy.

    He said Feb 8 rays would bring sucess of PPP.


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