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    “Meeting of the Spring Tree Planation 2018 held at Ministry of Climate Change

     Chitral Times Report

    ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Mushahidullah Khan chaired a meeting on spring plantation campaign 2018 at Ministry of Climate Change. He said that we inaugurated “Ghar Ghar Aik Shajar” today in Islamabad. We want every province to start such campaigns in their provinces. He further added that we need to create awareness among masses about deforestation. He told the participants that Islam also teaches us to grow trees. He also instructed representative of national Highway Authority to contact provincial forest departments for forestation on roads passing through any province. He also gave example of Ordos area of china which was a desert and they converted it into a forest. He said we could also set such examples in Pakistan. He further emphasized that we can include forces to join in massive plantation campaign. The targets for spring plantation were set in the meeting. Punjab Forest Department gave target of 12 million, Sindh Forest Department 12 millions, Khyber Pukhtoonkhawa 52 millions, Azad Jammu and Kashmir 9.8 million, Gilgit Baltistan, 3 millions, Federally Administered Areas Forest Department, 5.236 millions, international Union of Conservation of Nature 0.5 millions, Pakistan ordinance Factory 0.004 millions, Ministry of Defense 1 millions, National highway Authority 1 million, ENGRO 4 millions and Pakistan Aeronautical complex set target of 0.015 millions. However Baluchistan, Capital Development Authority and heavy industrial Taxila were missing in the meeting. Total target was 100 millions set in the meeting. The meeting was attended by Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Mushahidullah Khan, Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change Ms.Romina Khursheed Alam, Inspector General Forest Syed Mehmood Nasir, provincial and federating units representatives from Forest Departments, representatives from IUCN, Ministry of Defense, National Highway Authority, ENGRO, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex.




    Meanwhile Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Mushahidullah Khan inaugurated plantation campaign “Ghar Ghar Aik shajar” by planting a tree at Ministry of Climate Change. “The purpose of this campaign is to spread awareness from door to door in Islamabad. The volunteer students from universities of Islamabad will distribute plants in different sectors of Islamabad”, said by Federal Minister for Climate Change Mushahidullah khan. He also highlighted that we selected Ministry of Climate Change for inauguration because being a Minister this is our home. He further added that climate change is a very threatening issue for Pakistan. This campaign would help to create awareness among masses to realize their individual responsibility as well. The plant grown in a house is more protected as compared to on roads and grounds. So distribution of plants from door to door would also increase survival rate these 10,000 plants. We can combat climate change if it is taken seriously at international, national and individual level. Under this plantation campaign “Ghar Gher Aik Shajar” 10,000 free plants will be distributed from door to door in Islamabad. In this campaign more than 100 students volunteered themselves to play their role in this campaign. These students are from Quaid-i- Azam University, Islamic International University, Baheria University, National University of Science and Technology. This campaign is targeted to complete in month of February. Under second part of this program plants will be distributed among children in public schools of Islamabad .So they can grow at home. A closing ceremony will be organized in March to recognize the efforts of students.


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