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    JUI KP Amir and his Brother alleged for involvement in corruption

    By Zahiruddin

    CHITRAL: The owner of a Chitral based construction firm, Nasir Ahmed Khan has alleged that the amir of provincial chapter of JUI, Gul Naeeb Khan and his brother Zar Naseeb Khan fraudulently used the license of his firm to obtain the contract of construction works in a government department and inflicted financial loss on him.


    Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, he said that  Zar Naseeb  Khan somehow obtained the license of his firm  for taking part in the tendering process of developmental works in NA-34 executed by Pak PWD and  later used them for works in NA-20 and 33 as well.


    He said that the contracts of works were obtained in all the constituencies by Mr. Naseeb and his accomplice but they were not carried out properly and due to defective works, the National Accountability Bureau conducted inquiry against the contractor Nasir Ahmed Khan while Zar Naseeb admitted in written before the investigation committee of his crime.


    Mr. Khan alleged that the provincial amir of JUI Gul Naseeb Khan is also involved in the illegal action and is using his clout to save him from legal action that is why neither Pak PWD nor local police is daring to take action against him.


    The officials of police station Ouch (Dir lower) turned down a  number of his applications seeking registration of criminal cases against the Naseeb brothers and similar response was given by the Batkhela office of Pak PWD to annul the contract obtained on the basis of fake documents, he said.


    He said that last year, Naseeb brothers had admitted to their crime and had agreed to compensate him but the bank cheque was bounced after which Zar Naseeb was arrested by Chitral police.


    He has demanded of National Accountability Bureau to conduct inquiry into the fraud and dispense him justice against the fraudsters who are bent upon inflicting more and more financial loss on him.


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