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    Harsh and Frigid month of December – By: Haneef Abbas

    Harsh and Frigid month of December – By: Haneef Abbas

    These frigid nights of December are depressing especially when you are in the village in the Northern areas. Days are short and nights are long. In the daytime, you can’t go outside because of the harsh weather. The cold wind blows and freezes your whole body. If you go out you can’t stay outside for more than half an hour. It’s too harsh and frigid nights. It becomes more depressing when someone gets ill on these nights it seems to him that the time has dilated and stopped moving.

    Furthermore, in this month our country has passed through two big tragic events: one is the fall of Dhaka and the second is the tragic event of APS. This month reminds us of those black days that hurt us. This month might be reliving the wounds of APS martyr’s mothers. They might be recalling the memories of their sons. And they might be weeping silently in these harsh nights by recalling them. How would they be passing through the troubles in this month? All these thoughts irritate me a lot. 

    Moreover, the psychological time of the ail man stops. One night in December seems like a year of solitude. The ill person gives up and it seems to him that he has seen the morning long ago and now he has forgotten the morning. Usually, the morning is considered a harbinger of a new happy and healthy life and the rising sun gives hope, but in December the frigid morning seems a rude beloved, and the rising sun seems tired and rude. It seems that the earth has exasperated the sun and the sun has stopped warming the earth. 

    Everywhere you see it seems that you have aggravated everything and now nothing wants to talk with you. Everything is displeased with you. The silent frigid nights kill you break you internally, and torture you mentally. You try to ensure this month your love with the frigid nights just to pass your time but it doesn’t listen to you and keeps his work as it has been assigned to it. But all with this I have one therapy for these which is the reading of philosophical and romantic novel books.

    Haneef Abbas (£xvi)
    International Islamic university Islamabad (IIUI)


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