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    Hamas and Israel war

    Hamas and Israel war

    Israel is an illegitimate state planted in the middle east by Britain and USA and have played the role of a mentor to get oil resources by making Israel a threat in case of any opposition from any of the Arab Monarchies. The petty Arab States have played a slavish role during and after the establishment of the Zionist State.

    Israel is not a peaceful State as it has so far fought many battles against Palestinians and has killed thousands within its short history. It is now reaping the fruits of the atrocities perpetrated in the last few decades. What Israel has suddenly suffered is not a 10th of the whole blood shed of unarmed Palestinians of the past years.

    This Zionist State was created to assist and facilitate the ultramotives of the British Imperial power coupled with US nefarious designs. It is a rogue State with immeasurable arsenal with US technical know how and has also developed deadly weapons beside Nuclear weapons. It has always been at war with neighbours and has left no stone unturned to snatch pieces of land from her neighbor or that neighbor owing to their poor governance system.

    Israel has ignored  and rejected all the UN Resolutions on resolving the dispute based on negotiation but she has always rejected all such moves and every Resolution tabled in the UN Security Council has been vetoed by US to save Israel. The Arab States and autocrats have never cared for Palestinians but in the recent days were going to establish diplomatic relation with an enemy of the Semetic States. What a nonsense! The rulers of the middle east are highly selfish and have no guts to oppose any bad step taken by the rogue State with atrocities of unbearable magnitude. Israel will  face more economic and military destruction by the victims who suffered her cruelties for decades. The Muslim world stands beside the victims of Palestine.

    Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig


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