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    Global Power Dynamic and Pakistan’s Foreign Policy…..( Shafiq Ahmad Kuragh Upper Chitral)

    Foreign policy, is a course of building countries international relations in the comities of nations. This course is a dynamic one, and indeed, there is neither permanent friend nor foe in the foreign relations. Undoubtedly, the foreign policy of any country, is always in evolution due to changing trajectory in the geopolitical power tendency.


    Similarly, the Pakistan foreign policy is always tip off by the tyranny of polarization of this global political landscape. The alarming challenges which engulfed Pakistan since inception especially, the security dilemma of the immediate neighbor caused unavoidable confrontations in the eastern border.


    Consequently, the security concern compelled Pakistan to avail defense pact with US block-notably the SEATO (South East Asian treaty organization) and CENTO. These alliance aimed to contain the threat of communism and unlikely, Pakistan aspired to avail military cum diplomatic assistance to deter Indian aggression in the region.


    However, these defense pacts remained a new lease of life for defense moderation but unluckily, Pakistani front unable to secure diplomatic and military support in 1962 war. The ring of geopolitical power dominancy ringed by the USA, who hardly look into support Pakistan and showed interest to support Indian site.


    The post military pact with US blocked convinced Pakistan to the course of non-alignment in the aftermath of 1965 war and that of the debacle of 1971, again pushed Pakistan on others to support these crises. The Indian in confluence with America tiredly help the Bengali nationalist movement, and swiftly liberated Bangladesh.


    On the other hand, the Bhutto’s era always eager to keep alliance with the communist blocs, like Russia and China and these policies shift is indeed the pressing need of that time.

    Moreover, China always delineated mutual respect and interest to create better ambience for people to people contact on various occasion. Indeed, the Chines back up Pakistan in the UN on Kashmir issue, and that of the joint economic venture of the CPEC is also a backbone for the cordial understanding of each other’s.

    Conversely, the titanic shift of the power asymmetry in the global politic during the Afghan war and that of the aftermath of 9/11 in which the  Pakistan re-alignment with US as front line allies to ouster Russian is again the chaotic state of affairs for the sovereignty of Pakistan. This triggered intolerance and extremism in the society by diminishing the holistic and pluralistic fabric of Pakistani society.


    However, these adventures in the foreign policy, definitely important, and undoubtedly persistent to any country. Moreover, through these alliances Pakistan swiftly beefed up the defense capability. But unfortunately, he unable to become self-reliant on the economic front. Yet, to   fulfil this chronic economic disparity, he always asked others to financial support sill today.


    To improve and create better stake in the geopolitical dispensation one should be with soft image, for instance, it is essential to avail development in the economic as well as in the human context.


    Similarly, the advancement of the defense cum economy are the bottom line to imprint hegemony in the global political system.


    In a nutshell, it is important to energize our efforts on efficient tax collection and need to prioritize the budgetary allocation to become self-sufficient in the economic discourse also.



    Shafiq Ahmad

    [email protected]

    Writer is a member of student at GCU Lahore


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