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    “Girls Education”…………….Sabahat Rahim baig

    Have we ever asked ourselves the basic question, what is education why is education important for women?


    The definition of education is vast but we can sum it up in a line saying:
    Education is development and growth of oneself. Education is the basic right of everyone and therefore while providing education we should not discriminate among genders. Unfortunately this discrimination still prevails in Chitral.


    Many girls in Chitral are not allowed to go to university because their parents feel that the girl doesn’t need to be highly educated they don’t think their daughters have the same hopes and dreams as their sons they also want to learn, full fill their potential.


    If a person wants to do something wrong she can do it at home believe me University doesn’t make anyone bad. Those who feel insecure about girls higher education will surely be ignorant themselves.
    We need to change our way of thinking give equall rights to girls.


    One thing I wish I can do is to provide higher education for all no girl left behind and Change my Chitral for good.
    This is humble request to all Chitrali parents who think that the girl is confined to the doorstep. Please change your headwork and let your daughters go a head in the field of education and become their strength in fulfilling their dreams.


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