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    Future of economy is not bright

    Future of economy is not bright

    The ongoing cold war between our political leadership is a matter of shame for the whole country. The flood devastation and its aftershocks are alarming but the tug of war  OR the cold war is very lamentable. The alliance of the anti Imran Mafia backed by CIA is in a state of dilemma. They could not do as they shouted. The head of the F.Z.S. trio is now a target of severe public criticism and the leader of the anti Imran movement is hiding behind various curtains. The dollars have to be digested. What they had come for is now beyond their capability. The dollar soared, the prices soared and the wrath of the voters also has gone up beyond expectations.

    The very bad thing is that the said trio is now in a quagmire and going deeper into the wet pit of politics. They have got no revolutionary plans to slow down the deterioration of the economy. Their economic teams is a group of novices and there is no clear economic plan for the restoration of the economy. Their manifestos are trite and have already failed in the previous and present tenures. They cannot bring any great or better change to save the country from bankruptcy.  On the other hand the PTI has also no experienced economic team to stabilize the economy. Their planners have failed in the last three years and have got no revolutionary or dynamic plans to restore the fallen economic system.  All the parties are taking loans from IMF and fulfill their dictates and put the burden on the poor population. The floods have redoubled the miseries of the population. There is a state of economic gloom.

    In the general elections to be held  next year the political parties cannot present any attractive plan and package to the voters. The ‘Khalai Makhlooq’ controls the keys of the door to the premiership and this Kha…………….q’ Is controlled by CIA and another Martial Law is on the horizon and a new phase of dictatorship is going to be ushered in to surrender to the dictates of CIA. The country  has no light to show the way out. The whole leadership is nothing more than a zero.

    Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig


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