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    DPO hold a Khuli kutchery in Police Station Shoghor Chitral

    By Zahiruddin


    CHITRAL: The people of Lotkoh valley gave a clean chit to Chitral police as they were all praise for the police instead of heaping complaints in a khuli kutchery conducted by district police officer at Shoghor village.


    The elites of Karimabad, Arkari and Garam Chashma attending the kutchery said that the police personnel rushed to their help whenever the valley was hit by natural disasters and rendered valuable services to mitigate their suffering.


    The cited the example of the disaster in Shershal village in February last when snow avalanche overrun dozens of houses as a result of snowball that continued for three days and it was not possible to reach the remote and isolated village but the SHO of Shoghor got there at the peril of his life to start rescue operation.


    They expressed the hope police will continue to discharge its duties in the same spirit and zeal.


    Addressing on the occasion, the DPO Mansoor Aman said that the people of Chitral were known for their peace loving nature and lowest rate of crime was registered here.


    He said that the police force has been directed to render social services as well because they had ample time due to low volume of crimes.


    He said that zero tolerance was being shown towards drugs which spoiled the new generation.


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