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    District Nazim Chitral attends a meet-and-greet community event in Collierville town

    By Zahiruddin



    CHITRAL: On the invitation of Mayor of Collierville town, Stan Joyner and Vice-Mayor Maureen Frazer, District Nazim Chitral Maghfirat Shah attended a meet-and-greet community event held November 18 at the Collierville city hall.



    In a press release issued here on Monday from the office of District Nazim Chitral, the event was attended by city administrator James Lawellen, public information officer Mark Heuberger, and police Chief Larry Goodwin, prominent Chitrali businessman Anwar Aman along with many well-known residents of Collierville.



    The mandate of the meeting event was to create a mutual partnership of understanding between Chitral and the city of Collierville in the areas of education.



    The plans are underway to create collaboration between the Collierville school system and Chitral schools of public sector.


    The nazim of Chitral accepted a proclamation presented to him by the Mayor of Collierville. According to the proclamation, November 17 was declared as “Mayor Maghfirat Shah Day” in Collierville.



    In the closing remarks, the nazim Maghfirat Shah said that he is very happy to accept the honor and hospitality shown towards him on behalf of all the Chitrali people and he said that this event is a huge milestone in establishing collaboration is sharing knowledge.



    Nazim said that creating collaboration between the American schools and the schools in Chitral will benefit his region and he is very grateful for the opportunity to be part of this great initiative which will open doors of success to thousands of Chitrali children.


    The nazim showed gratitude to the US State department, US Embassy in Islamabad and US Consulate in Peshawar for their cooperation in making the event a reality.


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