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    The crumbled forebay tank of micro hydro power station at Garam Chashma collapsed

    By Zahiruddin

    CHITRAL; The forebay tank of the  micro hydro power house at Borbono village of Garam Chashma valley crumbled to the ground like ‘house of cards’ as it failed to withstand the pressure of water which was diverted to pass through to during the testing process here on Sunday.

    Talking to Chitral Times, the member of tehsil council from Lot Koh, Khosh Muhammad Khan said that the power house was recently completed by Aga Khan Rural Support Program with the financial assistance of Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization (PEDO) at a cost of Rs. 5.66 million  and its inauguration was scheduled for next week.

    He said that as elected representative of the area, he had time and again pinpointed the substandard construction of the power house and had brought it to the notice of the director of the PEDO Project of AKRSP but to no avail.

    He said that earlier, the power channel of the power project had also failed the test of water and was washed away by water which testified the substandard reconstruction of the structures of both the power channel and the forebay tank.

    Mr. Khan said that the collapse of  reinforced concrete cement (RCC) structure due to the pressure of water revealed the use of substandard material and the faulty execution of the design for which the government should take the contractor (AKRSP) to task and impose heavy fine on it and cancel its contract.

    Elected as tehsil member on the ticket of PTI, Khosh Muhamamd Khan was critical of the provincial government for its failure to implement the PEDO projects in Chitral despite beating its trumpets.

    He said that in his constituency, two more power projects  of PEDO at Munoor and Parabek were destined to failure and the failure of the power channels have also been reported there.

    Mr. Khan said that as per contract, the power projects had already been delayed by more than two years and the local people will have to wait for another year to avail electricity as the working season in the area has been closed where temperature remains below zero degree for three months of winter.


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