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    CHEPS starts green and clean campaign from Islamabad

    Report by Abdul Wahid Khan

    ISLAMABAD: Chitral Heritage and Environmental Protection Society (CHEPS) continues its struggle for clean and green Pakistan and has started the campaign for this year from Islamabad. The volunteers and members of CHEPS gathered at a local park in Islamabad to organize a cleanliness drive and an awareness campaign to remind everyone to care for the planet that we live in. Chairman CHEPS, Rehmat Ali JaffarDost, addressed the crowd that global warming and climate change are huge threats to our planet. He emphasized that the current governments should prioritize caring and preserving the trees that already exist instead of planting more trees as it takes ages for the trees to grow. He said that deforestation is a disaster and it must be taken very seriously. Specifically talking about Chitral, he pointed out that around thousand tons of ShaBalut wood is cut and used on daily basis to meet the daily fuel use in Chitral. Jaffar Dost gave an alternative to the deforestation by suggesting the newly inaugurated Power House of 109 MW in GolenGol should be given free of cost to the people of Chitral. This would really be reducing the cutting of trees and forest for fire wood and help in the preservation of habitat of wildlife and in maintaining a healthy environment. The deforestation and environmental hazards have caused in migration of wildlife that needs to return to Chitral. The government should really take this point seriously if we want to preserve the nature and environment of Chitral.
    CHEPS has been trying to create consciousness about environmental degradation for years now through practical projects and visiting institution all over Pakistan. With youth wing in every city of Pakistan, CHEPS organizes events to create environmental care amongst citizen of Pakistan. The bigger moto of CHEPS is clean and green Pakistan and they need the support of the whole nation to make this dream come true.


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