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    Cases registered against four local leaders in Booni for protesting against NHA

    Cases registered against four local leaders in Booni for protesting against NHA

    CHITRAL: Upper Chitral police has registered cases against the people of Booni village on account to protesting against the National Highway Authority (NHA) which had piled the huge debris of rock blasting into the river diverting it into the village while constructing the Shandur Road last winter.

    As per the contents of the FIR lodged in Booni police, the local leaders Faizur Rehman, Parvez Lal, Muhammad Javed and Azeem Khan blocked the road in Booni Chowk and delivered instigative speeches inciting the people on rebellion.

    “One of the leaders tried to raise the sentiments of the peaceful people by citing the example of the people of Azad Kashmir who grabbed their rights by sheer dint of power and made the government to kneel down before the people”, reads the FIR.

    The leaders have been booked under sections 147, 149 and 341 of Pakistan Penal Code while no arrests have so far been made.

    Sub-divisional police officer of Mastuj, Mulai Shah told Dawn that the delay in the arrest of the nominated persons is to evade the immediate public anger leading to law and order situation.

    Parvez Lal told Dawn on telephone that they were not going to secure bail before arrest from any court as they will court arrests as and when the police approaches them.

    He said that it was a shameful act for the PTI government of the province to intimidate the peaceful protesters who were raising their concern over the eroding of the lower part of the village into the river due to the negligence of NHA.

    He said that the villagers implored the NHA officers time and again not to throw the debris of the rock blasting into the river during the widening of Shandur Road but they did not pay any heed to it and after being disappointed from them, the affected people got a court decree as well. sin

    He said that the NHA officers and its contractor blatantly defied the court decree and did not drain the debris piled in the river in front of the village.

    He said that they will not be cowed down from such tactics of the government and will continue their protest against NHA.

    Meanwhile, the sit-in in Garam Chashm entered its fourth day here on Tuesday who are protesting over the loss of their polo ground.


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