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    The  bifurcation of Chitral into two districts become a bygone story

    By Zahiruddin


    CHITRAL: The announcement of  chief minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the the  bifurcation of Chitral into two districts by creating Upper Chitral with its headquarters at Booni on November 8 last become a bygone story never to be materialized before the forthcoming general elections are conducted.


    A senior lawyer of High Court Alamzeb advocate told Chitral Times  that with the decision of Election Commission of Pakistan in its high profile meeting held on 22nd December 2017 to freeze the revenue limits of all districts with effect from that very day banning any kind of alteration in the units, the creation of Upper Chitral becomes impossible.


    He said that the administrative unit right from the village council to the district shall stand in the same position as they were on and before 22nd December 2017 while the provincial government has not yet notified the creation of Upper Chitral district although its chief executive had not announced it verbally last month.


    “The making of a new district out of the present district of Chitral will be gross violation of the decision taken in the high profile meeting of ECP in connection with General Elections 2018 attended by the chief secretaries of the four provinces deciding the freezing the revenue limits of the districts”, he said.


    He said that even notification was not adequate to escape from the ban imposed by the ECP without practically demarcating the limits of the district to bifurcate it into two and as such the notifications for the creation of two revenue tehsils Drosh and Mulkhow in the district will also remain ineffective as the demarcation is yet to be made.


    “As on the crucial date of 22nd December 2017, there were only two tehsils in Chitral (Chitral and Mastuj) while the number will rise to four for which their limits will be changed  which will be defiance of the decision of ECP”, he said.

    Meanwhile, the  ECP has again reiterated in its letter addressed to the provincial chief secretaries on 28th December 2017 that the limits of the Revenue units shall stand frozen w.e.f. 22nd December 2017 which ban will continue till the completion of delimitation process while in the same letter the article 220 of the constitution has been invoked as per which it will be the duty of the executive authorities in the federation and the provinces to assist the commissioner and the commission in the discharge of his or their duties.


    A source in the district administration requesting not to be named said that as per the directive of the ECP, the creation of a new district in this stage was not possible as it is not possible without changing the limits of revenue units.


    A leader of Jamaat-e-Islami nominated for National Assembly seat from Chitral, Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali said that the provincial government did knew the fact that after the delimitation process started, a ban will be imposed on the creation of new district.


    “They had no finances to create a new district and they had done no home work for it and it was purely a politically motivated announcement of the chief minister in a public rally in Chitral on November 8 in the presence of PTI chief Imran Khan”, he said.


    He said that in fact, the PTI government has badly failed to deliver in Chitral during the four-and-half year stint in power and it was not possible for the local leaders of the party to assemble people to the meeting without enticing them in the name of new district for upper Chitral.


    Mr. Chitrali said that electricity was more necessary for the people of upper Chitral than new district where 21 thousand consumers of electricity are without it for the last three years when the Reshun hydro power station was washed away by flash flood but the provincial government did not make any alternative arrangement.



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