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    Beyond sports

    Beyond sports

    The role of sport in society and its benefits for human health can’t be underrated given the unhealthy orientations and complications, including depression, have dramatically increased in Chitral. Notwithstanding sport’s social, mental and physical benefits it also attracts winter tourism and excel in sportsmanship in an area.

    The beginning of winter sport initially started in Lower Chitral, and two years later snow sport was held in Madaklasht. This idea was also extended to upper Chitral when ice-hockey was organized in village Sarghuz. A couple of days before ice hockey was held in Parwak, wherein eight teams of both boys and girls participated, was inaugurated by Canadian High Commissioner Ms. Leslie Scanlon.

    There’s no denying of the topographic and climatic condition (despite the episodes of nature’s ire) being suitable for winter sport in Chitral, and its healthy outc0mes in society and to the individual who takes this exercise. There are, for every winter outdoor sport event, a natural space is readily available in various seasons in different spots in Chitral.

    A couple of days before Chawmos festival of Kalash community concluded after ice-sport training camp in upper Chitral’s Parwak village. Just across the river in village Sonoghor where GLOF episode reminds the devastation as it had ruined its beauty, greenery, fruits and landscape.

    Various festivals of Chitral, in different seasons, have appeals for tourists and its rich common culture of diversity and inclusion. Chitral is gifted with those opportunities of nature to live with and the potential to grow local economy. In the face of climate shocks as the summer flood wrecked village Brep once again this year, among others, has left its topography and life dramatically transformed.

    Winter sport in Chitral, in its different valleys and sub-valleys, appears to be a catalyst for multiple prospects with challenges, and competing in transborder outdoor game opportunities. By protecting nature and using resources sustainably for inclusive outcome continues to be a vital priority.

    The ice hockey however has caused intelligentsia to raise many critical discussions if the poor people in Chitral should prefer to sport from education. As claimed by some people that this sport event meant to empower woman is also to enroute them back on a road which has already been travelled.

    Besides winter sport, better to not late, to tap the potential of educated youth bulge in Chitral requires serious efforts by organizations and concerned government departments to provide them platforms, creating opportunities to work and skill development, mature one’s idea for initiative, and financial support in those fields where have the potential to toil for personal growth, value creating activity, and contribution in society. 


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