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    Second patient of suspected COVID-19 shifted to Peshawar

    By Zahiruddin

    CHITRAL; The second suspected patient of COVID-19 was shifted to Peshawar for test who was coming home from Karachi here on Monday morning  and during the checking process at Drosh, he was declared to be suspected on the basis of his travel history and some of the symptoms he carried.

    Earlier, the suspected patient Shujaur Rahman, 29,  of Parkusap Mastuj was brought to DHQ hospital from quarantine centre Drosh and was kept at the isolation ward meant for the COVID-19 patients.

    The people assembled in the premises of the hospital expressed their apprehensions saying the patient should not have been moved here from Drosh in utter violation of protocol set for the people infected or suspected to be infected by coronavirus.

    They said that the level of preparedness of the government towards the deadly disease of COVID-19 proved to be disappointing as the DHQ hospital was still short of gadgets to collect the swab sample of the patient onward sending to a laboratory in Peshawar.

    The medical superintendant of DHQ hospital Dr. Shamim confirmed to Chitral Times that the as cold chain system necessary for the preservation of the sample at minimum required temperature was not available with the health department due to which the patient was shifted to Peshawar.

    He said that although the hospital has received some kits for collection of sample from the patient but it is useless in the absence of cold chain system while the hospital also lacks of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the doctors dealing with the patients of the deadly virus.

    He said so far, the hospital has received only twenty number of PPEs which are disposable after its very first use and as such the required number is more in hundreds.

    The Deputy Commissioner Lower Chitral, Naveed Ahmed when contacted about the shortage of required number of PPEs, testing kits and cold chain system, he said that during the next 48 hours everything will be available here.

    He insisted that it was not harmful or unsafe to keep the patient in the isolation ward  of the hospital as the patient is not allowed to wander inside the hospital.

    The special assistant to the chief minister Wazir Zada said that he had talked to the additional secretary health of the government regarding the provision of the required kits and paraphernalia to Chitral district and he will remind them again.

    He said that the authorities in Chitral did not contact him while he was in Peshawar about the needs in this regard which would have been better and he came to know about the situation of shortage when came  here in Chitral.


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