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    Saudi Arabia directed all foreign nationals including Pakistani to return within 72 hours

    Chitral Times Report



    ISLAMABAD: With respect to different media reports that “Saudi Arabia has directed all foreign nationals, including Pakistanis, to return to their respective countries within 72 hours”, it is hereby clarified that as per circular issued by Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) on 12th March 2020, (article 3), 72 hours’ time limit is given to the citizens of Saudi Arabia and residents holding valid Iqama (residence permits) to return to the Kingdom, says a press release received from Riyadh, here today. Additionally, as per article 2 of the same circular, after 72 hours, exception would be given to the flights intending to return the citizens of the Kingdom back (to Saudi Arabia) or returning the citizens back to their respective countries (Philippines, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia) from the Kingdom. The Embassy of Pakistan in Riyadh is closely monitoring the situation and is in constant touch with the relevant Saudi authorities.


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