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    RPO Malakand Division hold a khuli kutchery at District Council Hall Chitral city

    By Zahiruddin

    CHITRAL: Regional police officer Malakand Division, Muhammad Saeed Khan Wazir has asked the people of Chitral to be vigilant to the impending social changes wrought by the influx of the non-locals to Chitral after the completion of Lowari tunnel exposing this hitherto marginalized area to the outer world.

    Addressing a khuli kutchery here on Monday, he said that an environment should be created for  in which the local people may accept the positive attributes of the new comers but at the same time refuse their bad habits and this is the way to keep the area free from crimes as before.

    He said that zero tolerance is being shown towards the drug peddlers in Malakand Division and no effort is being spared to nib the evil in the bud which had undermined the new generation.

    Mr. Wazir said that the young drug addicts needed to be rehabilitated instead of being sent behind the bars where they changed to hardened criminals and in this endevour, the role of civil society is inevitable.

    Responding to a question, he said that the security check posts had been erected to assure the safety of the local people which were being transferred to the police from the security forces and it will be ensured that police deals the passengers leniently and with diligence for which special refresher training will be imparted to the personnel of the police force.

    He announced to depute all the Chitral lady constables posted outside the district in the police stations of the district so that they could serve with better ease of mind remaining in their home location.

    Earlier, the district nazim Maghfirat Shah said that Chitral was known for its lowest rate of crimes, peace and tranquility where there prevailed ideal social harmony and amity.

    He said that with the influx of outsiders to the area with the advent of new era after Lowari tunnel, the local people are feeling insecure and the peaceful atmosphere is fading away.

    He appreciated the Chitral police for its friendly behavior with the people, professional excellence, bravery and courage who remained steadfast in the face of militancy when posted in the troubled areas of Swat.

    No complaints were presented by those in attendance about police behavior except that the drug peddlers were set free from the courts soon after their arrest which emboldened them to carry on the business.

    The other complaints presented by them included shortage of police strength, dilapidated condition of some of the police stations, need of proper vehicle for the police, transfer of lady constables to out districts.

    The district police officer Muhammad Furqan Bilal was also in attendance.



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