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    Quarterly performance Review of the Federal Government Organizations functioning in the Provinces in the light of PCP Dashboards

    Chitral Times Report


    ISLAMABAD: Since, October 2018, Pakistan Citizen’s Portal (PCP) has emerged as the most trusted medium for grievance redressal country-wide. It has empowered common man in the true sense by giving him voice for redressal of grievances. Convenient accessibility, timeliness and transparency in complaint handling processes have earned it public reliability and trust. Over 3 million registrations in the two years @ 125,000 per month portray immense public trust in this system. People have lodged 2.7 million complaints with 94% resolution and a total of 617,000 complaints have posted satisfactory feedback. 2. To receive and process public complaints, 8913 PCP-dashboards have been created for officers of all Government Organizations across the country. Apart from the Provincial departments, dashboards have also been created for officers of the Federal government organizations functioning in the provinces. The organization-wise list of Federal dashboards in the Province is annexed. 3. As per “PCP User’s Guidelines Manual”, a set procedure is in place for periodic performance review of the complaints at various levels. However, a collective performance review of the Federal Government Organizations functioning in the provinces was lacking. Thus, to bridge the gap, PMDU proposed to entrust the responsibility of periodic performance evaluation / review of the Federal dashboards to the Office of the Governor concerned. 4. Keeping in view the above, the Prime Minister has been pleased to approve the proposal and desired that the Governor concerned shall carry-out periodic performance evaluation/ review of the PCP-dashboards of Federal Government organizations as per the SOPs approved (copy enclosed). For better understanding and smooth implementation of the directive, a senior level focal person shall be nominated for regular liaison with PMDU/PMO. 5. PMDU has also been directed to create exclusive dashboards for Governors’ offices and carry-out orientation of the nominated focal persons.


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