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    “ Provinces having less forest cover should be more focused”, Climate Change Minister.

    Chitral Times Report



    ISLAMABAD: An Inter ministerial meeting on Monsoon Tree Plantation 2018 held at Ministry of Climate Change chaired by Interim Minister for Climate Change Sheikh Muhammad Yousaf. The Interim Minister for Climate Change Sheikh Muhammad Yousaf said while talking to participants that we should make every effort to make Pakistan green and Ministry of Climate Change will provide every support. He also highlighted that we need to have our focus on provinces having less forest cover. We should make more investments in these provinces to increase their forest cover. We should involve institutions and students more in plantation drives. The participants of meeting approved minutes of previous meeting and reviewed progress of spring plantation 2018. The Punjab Province set target of 12 millions, achieved 16.8 million and survival rate is 80%. The Province of Khyber Pukhtoonkhawa had target of 52 millions, achieved 30.10 millions and survival rate is 82%. Balochistan province kept target 0f 1.50 millions, reached 1.37 millions and survival percentage is 92%.FATA set target of 5.24 millions ,reached 5.33 millions and survival rate is 85%.Azad Jammu and Kashmir announced target of 9.80 millions, achieved 13.37 millions and survival rate is 70%.The International Union of Conservation of Nature had target of 0.50 millions, achieved 0.708 millions and achieved 80%.pakistan Ordinance Factory set target of 0.50 millions, achieved 0.708 millions and survival rate is 79%.Ministry of Defense set target of 1 million, achieved 0.7 millions and survival rate is 70%.Taxil Heavy industries set target of 0.015 millions, achieved 0.02 millions and survival rate is 70%.Pakistan Aeronautical Complex had target of 0.015 millions, achieved 0.02 millions and survival rate was 80%. The Sindh Province, Capital Development Authority ,Engro Fertilizers and National Highways set targets of 12 millions,0.30 millions,4 millions and 1 million respectively but achieved and survival rates were not updated. All provinces and federating units updated the participants about their Monsoon plantation targets Punjab 9 millions, Sindh 11 millions, KPK 15 millions, Baluchistan 0.6 millions, Azad Jammu and Kashmir 3.6 millions, Gilgit Baltistan 0.5 millions, FATA 5.3 millions, National Highway Authority 0.5 millions, International Union of Conservation of Nature 0.5 millions, Pakistan Ordinance Factory 20 thousands, Ministry of Defense 1 million, Aeronautical Complex 20 thousand and Heavy Industries Taxila set the target of 1 lac. The total set target for Monsoon plantation 2018 is 47.14 millions. Under Green Pakistan Program, plantation will be done in addition to these targets as well. The representative from Sindh government told the participants that they made a world record in month of April of largest mangroves plantation in one day. The Secretary Ministry of Climate Change, Khizer Hayat Khan told the participants that summary has been prepared for inauguration of Monsoon Tree Plantation by Prime Minister of Pakistan. Then Monsoon plantation will be commenced at National level including armed forces, police and civil armed services, local bodies, corporations, municipalities, autonomous bodies, jails, educational institutions. In the end a presentation was given by Dr. Abdur Rehman on impact of Invasive Alien Species. Some of the alien species are parthenium, Lantana Camara, Paper Mulberry, Mesquito having harmful effects on human health, agriculture and biodiversity. The meeting was attended by representatives of forest and wildlife departments of government of Sindh,Punjab,Balochistan, KPK, AJK, FATA, GB, National Highways Authority, Ministry of Defense, IUCN,CABI and officers of Ministry of Climate Change and Green Pakistan Program.


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