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    PM youth development program provides excellent opportunities to young generation to excel in studies, selected professions

    PM youth development program provides excellent opportunities to young generation to excel in studies, selected professions

    PESHAWAR (APP): The Prime Minister’s youth development program, an umbrella project covering 15 programs, has provided an excellent opportunity to the young generation to excel in studies viz a viz choice professions and equip themselves with all necessary skills and expertise to compete at local and international markets.

     Launched with an estimated cost of Rs150 billion in all provinces of Pakistan, the Prime Minister’s youth development program started empowering the youth of Pakistan including girls’ students with modern and technical education besides providing them paid internship.

    Besides other goal-oriented and pro-people’s projects and initiatives launched by the prime minister in the last one-year of his government, PM’s youth development program was among one of the major achievements of the present coalition government aimed at educational, economic and financial empowerment of youth irrespective of their political affiliation, caste and family background.

    Ikhtair Wali Khan, PMLN KP spokesman and former member provincial assembly told APP on Thursday that despite the inherited tough economic and political challenges left by the PTI incompetent rulers, disruption in global fuel and food supply line due to Russian-Ukrain war, the Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has successfully launched the landmark youth development and economic empowerment program under which scores of services including ‘Teleschool Pakistan App, Google for Education and Digital Continuous Professional Development’ were started.

     The landmark package includes 60,000 paid internships, technical and vocational training to 100,000 youth, distribution of 100,000 laptops, provision of 5,000 scholarships for the students of Balochistan and erstwhile tribal areas.

    Besides around 1,000 PhD scholarships at top 100 universities in the United States and 75 scholarships at top 25 universities of the world, he said establishment of 21 university campuses in remote districts and 250 sports complexes were also part of the package.

    It envisaged youth peace and development student councils in 80 universities, 75 leadership awards, 500 innovation grants worth Rs5-20 million each, Rasta grants for research, 12 Seerat chairs, seven centres of excellence and uplift of 20 poorest districts.

    He said that the present coalition government has successfully handled the challenge of last year’s devastative floods by providing relief to millions flood affectees in terms of Rs25,000 per individual cash, agriculture and crops packages to help the flood victims.

    Climate diplomacy to present Pakistan’s case on the international stage was employed and as chair of G77 plus China, “we were instrumental in the establishment of loss & damage climate change’s fund to help the vulnerable countries at Geneva moot where donors countries and friends of Pakistan had pledges of USD 9 billion for Pakistan.”

    He said the decisiveness with which the coalition government undertook rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts in all provinces including Khyber Pakthunkhwa, had provided social protection to millions of marooned people and mobilization of international community and government resources to help the flood victims was globally praised.

    The Prime Minister had launched free of charge flour atta for millions of poor households in all provinces including Khyber Pakthunkhwa and personally monitored its distribution process by visiting different districts at Ramazan.

    He said the government has succeeded in establishing Pakistan’s credibility as a partner and friend and keeping the national economy to stay afloat despite the PTI’s economic landmines. He said the confidence of old friends of Pakistan was restored and bilateral relationships with China, KSA and UAE were significantly improved after the PTI’s poor foreign policies.

    The PMLN leader said that Pakistan had managed to exit the FATF grey list, which was a great achievement on the diplomatic front of the Shehbaz Sharif government. To provide quality communication and transport services, he said that transport infrastructure projects were launched at Islamabad that brought significant improvement in people’s lives there.

    Scores of alternative energy resources projects including hydel, coal and solar energy were launched in different areas of the country by the government in its last one year aimed to make Pakistan self-sufficient in energy sectors.

    He said that people of KP and Punjab were fed up with hollow slogans of PTI and pinned high hopes of PMLN as it was the only party that can address the economic and political challenges and make the country an Asian economic tiger.


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