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    Muqam hints at reelection in case of KP, Punjab assemblies dissolution, imposition of governor rule

    Muqam hints at reelection in case of KP, Punjab assemblies dissolution, imposition of governor rule

    BUNER : Adviser to the Prime Minister for Political and Public Affairs and National Heritage, Engr Amir Muqam here Thursday asserted that reelection would be held in case of dissolution of Punjab and Khyber Pakthunkhwa assemblies and possibility of imposition of governor rule.

    Addressing a big public gathering here, Amir Muqam said that general elections would not be held on the unjustified demand or wishes of PTI Chief Imran Khan. 

    He reiterated that general elections would be held on time in accordance with constitution and laws, adding the governments in centre and other provinces would continue to perform functions in case of dissolution of KP and Punjab assemblies.

    He said any one has wishes to dissolve the assemblies may fulfil it and maintained that reelection for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab assemblies would be conducted.

    He said the option of governor rule could be exercised in KP and Punjab if these provinces did not function in accordance to the constitution or dissolve prematurely. 

    He accused Imran Khan for destroying the country’s economy, social and political values besides promoting intolerance in politics.

    Amir Muqam said the way the big rotten fish of the was thrown out of lake and PM House as well as National Assembly was cleaned,  similarly all the small rotten fishes of KP would be thrown out of the political arena.

     “It is time to throw all these rotten fishes out of the political arena,” he remarked.

    Amir Muqam said the people of Pakistan knew that who used the huge financial resources of KP and Punjab provinces for flopped PTI’s long march that ended in sheer disappointment.

    “Imran Khan had neither fulfilled the promise of constructing five million houses for poor nor provided one million jobs to youth during his nearly four years rule,” he said, adding PTI Chairman also failed to honour his pledge to convert PM and Governor Houses into Universities.

    Terming Imran Khan as a big liar and king of u-turn, he said that Imran Khan’s corrupt practices were exposed before masses in Tosha Khana case and was proved as a certified liar after PTI’s Foreign Fund Case. 

    He said people knew that who tried to drag state institutions into politics and defamed establishment to please their foreign masters after successful no confidence motion against Imran. The recent high level appointment in Army was made by the Prime Minister strictly on merit and in line of the constitution, he remarked.

    Amir Muqam said people of Pakistan would decide about future’s political government on the basis of free and fair election in 2023 rather Imran Khan. 

    The PM’s aide said KP Government was paying huge salaries to social media influencers but had no money for others employees who were protesting for their genuine rights including non-payment of salaries and allowances.

    Muqam claimed that debt burden on KP had been increased to record Rs1,000 billion from Rs 300 billion in last nine years, adding Imran’s bullets injuries’ drama was also exposed before the nation.

    He said Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif was working day and night to take the country out of existing challenges and put the economy back on track. 

     “Pakistan has come out of the FATF’s gray list due to hectic efforts by the Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and his diplomatic team.”    

    The PM’s aide said people of KP were fed up with poor performance of PTI and would break PTI’s back in upcoming election as the party that came on slogan change was completely failed to deliver on all fronts.

    He said contesting recent by elections on different seats by the PTI Chairman showed that he had no trust and confidence in the party’s workers and local leaderships and feared that Imran could possibly contest on the seats reserved for women and minorities in future.

    He said Imran Khan was like a corona virus whose vaccine was only available with the PMLN Supremo Nawaz Sharif. In the first dose this virus was paralyzed and in the second dose the nation would get rid of it, he remarked.

    He said Nawaz Sharif would soon arrive in Pakistan.

    He said Buner Motorway and Suigas was the genuine demands and he was with people of Buner on it with a desire of being addressed.

    On this occasion, an eminent political leader of Buner, Bakht Biland along with thousands of supporters and family members announced joining of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz. Amir Muqam thanked and congratulated him for joining Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz by presenting him party cap.(APP)


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